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Garden & Yardwork Projects

I tell you I feel torn between my business projects inside and my garden and yard projects outside. I had hoped to start spending some time either before or after supper working outside for a while. Short spells at first, then gradually longer as my stamina builds up. But...

Like on Saturday, I hoped to get quite a bit done, if I went out several times to work at my outdoor to-do list. However, I got a headache with a stiff neck, so I had to allow time for a nap. I didn't get outside at all.

Yesterday, however, I was out there for half an hour of spading up the ground near the east fence. Roughly 2-3 feet - the area where the neighbour's grass creeps under the fence to enjoy my garden soil. I plan to sow some perennial herbs and flowers in these borders, but I want to dig them up before Rob comes with the rotortiller so he can see where those borders start.

I was pleased that I got a short stretch done near the elm that was cut down, and then a longer stretch the other side of the fridge/planter. Tonight I hope to get to the end and dig up beside the shed.

I'm sure I'll discover more things that need to be done, but here is my list so far:
* Dig up the perennial border along the west (wooden) fence too.
* dig/pull the grass out of the green onions there.
* plant/sow herbs and flowers along the fences (mint, dill, summer savory, parsley, oregano, lemon balm, and maybe cilantro. Flowers; zinnas, dahlias, yellow daisies, lavender, veronica, enchincea, etc. oh, and my Easter Lily!)
* hammer nails into the shed walls (outside) and run cords up and down between the nails to let my morning glories climb all over it!
* rake outside my fence in the alley, and dig up a border to plant flowers there too. Yellow Daisies most likely! And/or sunflowers.)
* get Rob to come rotortill the garden.
* go buy some more seeds and maybe seedlings.
* start sowing a few rows each day. Hopefully be done by end of May.
* fill in flower beds in front yard after digging them up
* make up some hanging baskets??
* start my weeding and watering routine for the summer!

<<*>> TIPS & SOLUTIONS: <<*>>

How to Grow Masses of Flowers

Here's a tip I've just learned from some YouTube videos that I am bound and determined to try out this summer. You may want to do this too.

Some flowers such as zinnias and dahlias, tend to grow just one flower on the top center stalk. If you cut it out early in the season, the plant will be forced to send nutrition up the side stems, and lo, you will have a burst of flowers showing up on 3 or 4 sides of each plant! It will look like you have masses of colourful flowers rather than just one on each stalk looking up at the sky.

Make yourself a bouquet for indoors out of those first blooms from the center stalks.

Remember, the seed for next year's flowers are usually in the dead flower, so when they die off, lay them aside - maybe in a paper plate - until all moisture has evaporated. Then pull the petals apart and look for the seeds. Save those in a little envelope and label it.

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