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A Dogged Persistance - Like Mom's

Life moves forward like a relentless clock. I'm making progress on several fronts.

1. I've been digging up a two-foot border at the fences of my garden. I want to sow herbs and more flowers - masses of flowers there. (And I wanted the man who comes to rotortill the garden to see how far he can go and no further, so he doesn't accidently turn up my seeds). I'm hoping to go out for a while after supper most days, to sow a few more rows.

2. I'm making progress with updating my genealogy e-books, but they are not all done yet. This is when I'm glad I inherited - or learned - a dogged persistance from my Mom. It stands me in good stead when projects turn out to take much longer than I'd first imagined.

3. I still reserve Monday evenings to work on the site from where I will sell my brother Tom's BIG collection of diecast models. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I have been running into technical problems and hacker attacks on the WordPress system I had installed. It kept locking me out of certain areas, even the database. So I've researched and proven that it is possible to build an eCommerce site on a static - (that's an old-fashioned html coded site) and that many programmers are now preferring it. For those who have never learned to build a site with pure html coding this will be a huge hurdle. But hey, I started learning that back in 1999, and have built about 25 sites that way. Last year I taught myself the responsive way to do that, so I just needed to find a good template to use.

Last night I looked at 4 of them that I had downloaded last week. None of them looked feasible to me, so I prayed and then decided to go with the one I had designed myself for my business site last October, and simply adapt it. Ah...! Suddenly I was on familiar ground!

Before the evening was up, I had built a main index page on which I announced that I was rebuilding this site, and the products would be back soon. I even designed a new header image. Then I started deleting the current site, and got another webpage made as the index for the "Shop" section of the site, and in it I listed the categories I was already working on, and hinted at the others to come yet.

Because I have saved the photos I took, and the product descriptions, it should be easy to put up batches of product pages over the next few Monday evenings. Especially as I don't need to go do research on each one as I did in the past. When I've got those 214 items back up on the site, and have added PayPal and/or Stripe "Buy" buttons, the site will be in business again, and I can move on to more of the models.

I feel really pleased about how that went last night, and the new direction this rebuild is going! I trust it will do well in sales too!

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"Blood Money" is a Powerful Movie

All of last week was Pro-life week here in Canada, and although the organizers of the March for LIFE did have some out for the march on Parliament Hill on Wednesday, they kept in mind that many would be staying home, so they had lined up a number of videos and even a couple of 2-hour movies on their YouTube channel.

I think I caught all of them. Maybe the most powerful one was this last Sunday evening, with the viewing of "Blood Money" which described a lot of behind the scenes at abortuaries, and the great damage done to the girls and women who have abortions. What an eye-opener!

I urge you to see this documentary: It is to stay on YouTube for some time yet. You will need to set aside about 2 hours to see it.

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