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Dividing My Life into Compartments

I'm a little torn about mentioning my business problems, since no one seems to mention them in any feedback comments, however, I do spend 12-13 hours a day at these businesses online, and this year I'm on this huge campaign to rebuild my old sites, so these things fill my mind to a large degree.

However, since I'm sharing about my life and what's new with me, I guess I can journal about that part of my life here, right? :)

Last week I told you about the big OUCH I was having with my eCommerce site to sell Tom's diecast models. Well, I had a couple of days more of frustration and headache last week, and then definitely decided to make a change. Just last night I finished copying the 115 product description posts from the site as it has been, so that I won't have to do them all over from scratch. I had been worried about that as they were not included in the backup.

Then I tried to visit the site as a stranger. Well, the main page shows up, but anything I clicked on brought on a grey page with the ominous message - SERVER ERROR. So it is basically disabled!

I do have these other genealogy e-books and charts to finish up, so I've decided to divide my life into some compartments again. I will try to hurry to rebuild the eCommerce site, but only on Monday nights. I will try to finish up these e-books this week, and get them posted and set up for sale on the genealogy site as soon as possible.

Some relatives whom I've asked to help update their branch of the family tree, have not got back to me yet. So I've decided that the e-books that I offer to the public on that site will only cover the generations of ancestors that are dead. Those relatives who want to see where they fit into the big picture will have to contact me and special order a printout - after proving to me that they are in the family tree. (I can look that up). So those more extensive copies will not be offered to the public, but can be had as a special order. That also means they will get all the latest additions, whatever I have been able to collect, in their copy.

Then I'll spend a week writing up affiliate links to put on the other rebuilt sites, and when that is done, I can move on to the 5th site that needs to be rebuilt. Well, the 6th one if we are counting the eCommerce site as a rebuild. :)

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Next Level Gardening

Next Level Gardening Channel

This is a channel for lots of fine videos about gardening. He has a number of wonderful tips for growing tomatos! The man's name is Brian, and he does a great job of explaining his tips and ideas.

I've been watching mostly his tomato tips videos, but he has others too, which is why I've offered the link to his channel. That way you can pick and choose which ones you want to watch.

He produces about 3 videos a week. I'm finding that once you start watching these, YouTube will keep showing you more, and it is possible to get quite a bit of gardening expertise very easily.

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