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Discipling the Inner Life

Last week I wrote here about organizing or dividing my time into compartments. I have more thoughts in this direction.

On the weekend I started reading a book my sister left me when she moved to BC in the mid-1990s. (Yes, I'm back-logged on books to read). This is "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordon McDonald. I recall reading about it back when I was still living in London, Ontario, but I never got a chance to read it back then.

Immediately when I started it I sensed a strong connection to my own habit of organizing my life - even my private time. I'm only up to Chapter Six, which is entitled, "Has Anyone Seen My Time? I've Misplaced It!" but I agree heartily with his points so far. Which is that unless we have organized our private time and our relationship to God, and set up some firm standards to live by, our outer lives are going to spin out of control. In each chapter McDonald tells the story of someone whose life illustrated this.

Before each chapter there is a short Memo to the Disorganized, and a circle diagram, with five sections; Motivation, Use of Time, Wisdom and Knowledge, Spiritual Strength, and Restoration.

I am much affirmed in my morning routine, trying to spend half an hour writing a one-page devotional (which may be a book in the future), then a time of worship and renewed commitment to the LORD, and then a few moments to draft up the day's agenda, followed by sincere and faith-filled intercession for my rotating lists of people that I care about. (Some are daily, and some weekly).

I return to prayer before each work session through out the morning, afternoon and evening, and try to remain alert to changes that God wants to make to the day's agenda.

When I've finished reading this book (in my reading room - where I go a number of times throughout the day) - I may want to make changes to my routine. But we shall see. Right now I think I'm on the right Track.

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Who Needs TV - When We Have YouTube

I have not had a TV since about 1984. Believe me, I have become much more productive with my creative projects since then, so I have no intention to go back. However, I've discovered how handy YouTube is online.

When I want to see a visual demonstration of how to do something, I go to YouTube, and in mere minutes I know how to open and empty the large mouse trap boxes I got last year!

Or, I can see how to make sure I will get a bumper crop of tomatoes this summer!

I can learn what herbs to plant near the tomatoes and other vegetables so the bugs will STAY AWAY!

Now I know how to get my zinnias to bear multiple flowers, instead of one at the top of each stalk.

Just last night I found one video that gave me seven flowers that can give me MASSES of colours in the garden, and where ever I can squeeze in a few seeds! (Actually, she gave 15 names, but I jotted down just 7 that I will look for).

Moreover, most of these videos are just 10-30 minutes long. The only problem is that they are getting rather addictive! It is hard to quit this exciting learning curve!

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