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A NEW Computer!

Did I mention last week that my computer has been freezing up? (No, I see I didn't). Well, it has been happening much more often the last few weeks. I researched the cause and learned that if one does not have enough RAM (that's all the active memory a computer can hold in it's "operative head" at one time, not counting the stored memory on the hard drive). Apparently the current standard is at least 8 GB of RAM. It used to be 4 GB.

My computer system told me I had less than 4 GB. I opened up the box when it was turned off, and checked. There was a 4 GB strip of RAM in there. So it was not all being used! It did have 4 slots for more RAM but when I moved my one strip to another slot, closed the computer and tried to start it up, it did not boot; it just sounded like a jet plane revving for take-off! I quickly turned it off, and opened up to put that green stick of RAM in the slot where it had been. (So much for this bargain used computer I got last October when my other computer's motherboard died).

I checked online and could buy 8 GB of RAM for about $50, but if the slots in this computer could not even handle 4 GB or none - what was the point?

As I kept searching online I found another computer with much, MUCH more than I've ever had in a computer before. It was at in Ontario, and they offered free shipping. I asked some questions there, and after considering another one, decided this was the one I should order. I asked the man on Tech Chat, about delivery times. They pride themselves on usually delivering in 1-3 days, but he didn't know if that would work to Saskatoon.

On the weekend I got an email telling me that the computer was on the way and would arrive this Wednesday. But guess what; it arrived yesterday just before 5pm!

I took time before supper to open the box, and I found one that does look terrific. Not only that they had included a new keyboard and a mouse!

(Because I work so many hours on the computer I have worn off the letters on a number of keyboards. I paint on the letters with nail polish and carry on. So, for them to include a new keyboard and mouse at no extra charge - I'm quite impressed!)

It has 1 Terebyte (TB) in the hard drive. LOTS OF SPACE! and it comes loaded with Windows 10 PRO. That's okay. I often turn my computers into a dual-boot when the hard drive is big enough, so I can leave that on the hard drive, but I will partition off another section for my favourite linux System, LEAP. I might even add yet another - just to explore... But maybe I'll save all that extra space for backups.

By the way, a Dual-boot computer means that when you turn it on, you get to choose which system you want to login to... Windows or LEAP, or whatever. (my laptop is like that, and the one I had until October had that too). When you want to switch to another system you do a re-boot and this time choose the 'other system.'

My problem is this; installing the new LEAP system takes an hour or two - if all goes smoothly. But first I have to finish backing everything on this old computer's hard drive to a backup drive, and then, once that new system is installed on the newer computer, I will have to copy all those backup files to the new one.

However, when it comes to emails - and I have several dozen addresses - I have set up each account all over again. In the past that has taken me about two days. And first, I need to save all the emails presently in the "current" folders as text files for the backup.

Ideally, I should wait for Saturday to do this transition to the new computer. But oh... how eager I am to make that transition! So since 5 pm yesterday I've been puzzling on how to juggle my schedule so that I can do this earlier. If I get the backups finished today, maybe-just maybe I could do the switcheroo tomorrow night!

All this to warn you that if in the next week or so you find that I don't answer your email right away, it may take a day or two for me to get that address set up so I can receive it. Or... you might get through before I get the switch started.

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