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A Day-trip on Sunday to Moose Jaw

Yes, my plans are coming together, and I think I'll be able to carry out my plans to visit my friend in Moose Jaw on Sunday. There is still some prep work to do, but it looks doable.

I have to check into something about the birthday gift, and study the explanations so I can show her how to use it.

I'm planning to pack a picnic lunch, and I've checked online for a map of the city to see where the parks are where we might find a picnic table. But I may have to leave that part open-ended.

The last time she called she was frantic because her one sister had canceled a planned visit in which she would take this friend shopping for some clothes. She has gained weight and only has two dresses that still fit her.

I assured her that I could take her to Walmart just as easily. She insisted that no, in Moose Jaw the stores are closed on Sundays. I have checked that out online and they are definitely open on Sundays, so I guess we'll be doing some shopping too, that afternoon.

It occurs to me that by the time we are through that intensive afternoon visit, I may be needing a nap before I drive all the way home. So on my way there, I want to look out for good safe spots to pull over and allow myself a snooze, before I head home.

The temperature is to be about 30 C on Sunday. I've checked Moose Jaw's weather too, and they will have the same temperature, but no rain, while Saskatoon will have 5-10 mm. of rain. (that's about 1 inch). At least I won't have to water the garden when I get home. :)


See a Pretty Flower? Want More Like it?

Easy solution. When that flower dies, pick it off, and pull the petals apart. In most cases the darker end of each petal is a seed for more of that same flower. Let the petals dry thoroughly somewhere, then put them into an empty bottle or an envelope - label it, and put it away until next spring. Then you can sow the seeds and have many more of those flowers.

If you know the name of the flower, you may want to go online and research to see if there are any special ways to sow them. Some can be sown directly into your garden or containers, and some must be started in a seedling tray weeks in advance. Some are optional.

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