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Would You Like My Exercise Bike?

Lots of people are thinking they need to exercise more. I don't. Well, not really. I've got an achey elbow, and a full agenda of more urgent things (to me) to do. So I've had in mind to list my exercise bike, which I have not even tried to use for several years, on Kijiji for sale.

Would you like my exercise bike? It still works fine. But mind-less activity just doesn't fit into my lifestyle. Gardening in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter is about the extent of my exercise plan.

I had managed to drag it to the front porch Saturday before last. So taking photos of it was on my to-do list for today. Just get it done, girl!

As I was pondering what to write in the RoseBouquet this morning, it came to me that I could dhow off my bike to you, before I post these photos to Kijiji. We'll just see which method gets it out of the front porch the fastest.

So here are the photos I just took minutes ago.

my stationery exercise bike for sale.

My stationery exercise bike for sale. I haven't settled on a price yet, maybe $35-40? So if more than one buyer comes to the door at once, they will be room for haggling or out-bidding the other party.

stationery exercise bike from front

The exercise bike from the front. See, it doens't take up a lot of space.

home made set adding - easily removed

I made a homemade padding for the seat, as the hard seat was painful to my tailbone. However, it can easily be removed if you don't care for it.

This odometer may be the
most important part as it shows you how fast you are pedalling and how far you've gone.

This odometer may be the most important part, as it shows you how fast you are pedalling and how far you have gone. It also has a timer. So if you can only tolerate - say 3 minutes of biking - it will tell you when your time is up. (Whew! Sometimes I could hardly wait that long!)

I guess this is only going to appeal to people who live in or near Saskatoon. Fastest way to reach me is to call 306-956-7785. (Note: that is not a cell phone, so you'll have to dial). Sorry...:)

1/19/21 - Note: the bike SOLD on Saturday!

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