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What the Deacons Did for Me

Last week I had a call from Joel H. the head of a new committee formed by the Deacons of our church. They have lined up some volunteers that will do odd jobs and favours for seniors. Now, I normally only admit to being a senior when there is a special discount for seniors (as in a store).

I've had to admit however, that it takes me longer than most in spring to get my yardwork done, because I have to build up stamina for being out on my feet. (Remember, I have a bad back in several ways). But last year I found that if I persisted in going out once a day to do about 15-20 minutes of work, I gradually got stronger, so that by September I could manage working outside for a 3 hour stretch! Yes, I found that amazing too!

I had mentioned in the hearing of some on the Deacons' Committee at our church, that I expected to need maybe a couple of weeks at my current pace, to get my garden ready for the neighbour with the rotortiller, and to rake my front yard. I refer to it as a handkerchief lawn, but it had fallen leaves on it, and the flower beds were full of dried stalks.

Well, the Deacons Committee has formed a sub-committee that has recruited some volunteers who will go out to do favours or small jobs for seniors who need it. So I had a hint why Joel H. called me to ask what kind of projects I needed help with. We had a nice chat and I mentioned the raking up of tree twigs and branches on the garden, and the front lawn.

The next evening I had a call from another Joel, also a deacon, he is extra tall, black, and a very friendly and gentle man. I recall (before COVID days) meeting their family, with four very young children who were very well-mannered. Joel O's wife, Jennifer is a sweet and calm spirit with lovely clothes - which her mother made.

So we arranged that Joel O could come Friday after 1 pm and I'd show him where my rakes were, and so forth. It was an extra warm day, so I spent some time outside chatting with him. Then went in, had my late lunch and did my sit-down work at the computer.

I went out later and unlocked the gate so he could get to the front around the house. At another point it occurred to me that he might appreciate a tall glass of cold water. Which he appreciated.

It was after 4 pm when he was done, over 3 hours of work, and as I surveyed it, I was grateful. It was much better looking than if I'd done it day by day, in small exhausting spurts of work over say two weeks, and finally got it done. I could only praise God and thank Joel O most heartily.

Incidentally, I've made a list of about 15 small projects that I will still need to do. I got my two hoes out yesterday and hacked at the grass clumps, that crawled into my garden under the neighbours' fences. I want to spade up a border by the fences to sow herbs and flowers for a perennial border that won't need re-sowing most years.

Then the man with the rotortiller can come.

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