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The Quiet Before the Storm

Are you gearing up for gardening too? Or is that in your far distant past?

Right now the skies are over-cast, the nearly naked tree in front of my window is steadily moving back and forth, but just an inch or less. The temperature is 2 degrees above freezing, so the snow we got last weekend is melted on the street. It just looks wet.

Ah, but the forecasts yesterday evening and early this morning when I ws getting up were FULL of warnings about the storm entering Saskatchewan on the western border, and on a war-path with a storm under it's wings. The southern parts of the province (south of the Trans-Canada #1 highway) will have mostly rain, although some areas near the western border may get a dump of snow too.

The worst of this storm is aiming to cross the province just above the mid-way point, which means just north of Saskatoon (our city). The radio had strong warnings for motorists in that area to NOT go on the highways, if they didn't have to.

I just paused to check on the website. (Sometimes you have to wait for the ads, but there is more detailed information.

This storm started in Alberta yesterday and is crossing Saskatchewan today, and will be circling down to the lower region of Manitoba tomorrow. We can expect here in Saskatoon, 15 cm to 30+ cm of snow! (30 cm=12 inches!!) After the storm has passed through our temperatures will drop to the -20s Cesius. Ouch! That is bitterly cold already!

But then when you hear on the news that BC has had floods and mud-slides wipe out major highways with 20-30 cars stuck in the mud overnight! Wow!

Yikkes! I can't think of any good reason to be outside today or tomorrow. I will stay inside and get some work done!

By the way, our News in Canada often mentions the storm crises in various parts of the USA. My ears perk up when I hear of a location where I know someone or have friends. Maybe you do too.

But isn't it hard on us to be constantly inudated with news of troubles everywhere? Somtimes we just have to take our minds off those news reports, and focus on something tame and quiet in our homes and if we can think of work to do, focus on that with all your might, so that the bad news does not have to depress you to the point of being overwhelmed.

I do have plans for Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, if the sun shines I will have courage to bundle up and brave the cold.... Opps. I need to remember to plug the car in ahead of time.

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