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My 24-Hour Holiday

You may remember I was a little discombulated last week because of all the things happening at once. Well, most of it turned out quite well. Ernie and Dori enjoyed the lunch I had prepared, but rather than doing dishes they were eager to start on a day of adventure.

Dori wanted to see where Ernie grew up, so I had just time to drop a few overnight things into a bag, and off we went to explore Hague. Both Ernie and I saw that much had changed there, as we drove up and down various streets. The whole of Hague is about one square mile, however, it has become quite modern and has many new businesses and houses, etc. (The one we used to live in looked desserted).

When we were ready to leave I suggested we make a detour of 7 miles to see the grave marker over Tom's grave - which I had not taken time to go see over the past 2 years. Funny thing is, the village of Chortitz has disappeared, so we had trouble finding the landmarks we would normally look for the cemetery, but just as we were about to give up, Ernie spotted the tree at the gate - half a mile up a side road. So we were able to go there and wander around, telling Dori stories about our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, also Uncle Peter and his son, Richard, buried there.

Also Grandpa Kroeker's brother-in-law and best buddy, Thomas Gerbrandt, the only person Grandpa would agree to work with when asked to dig and dynamite a new farm well. (It just happens they were buried side by side).

We got back to the city and checked in at the hotel where they had made reservations. Then, after a short period in our rooms to freshen up, we went out to enjoy supper in a good restaurant. But the first place would not allow a substitution of a baked potato in place of mashed, so (I've never done this before!) we got up and walked out. We found another one that was more agreeable in their service. And... I'm afraid I over-ate! I'm not used to dining so richly and had to take part of my plate full home in a container.

By the time we got back to the hotel Ernie was zoning out (mind you, he'd done a lot of driving since they left Edmonton), Dori was ready to give up too on the hot tub idea, so we were heading for bed about 9 or 9:30.

That's when my unpleasant adventure began. About 2 am I woke with a tremendous cramp in my left ankle. I stumbled to my bathroom and got a wash cloth hot with hot water, and then pressed it over the ankle as a hot compress. In a few minutes the cramp let up and I slunk back to bed.

This happened again about every hour or hour and a half! But sometimes the other ankle. By 6 am I was desperate for help. At home I would have taken at least 3 more Vitamin E capsules as that is great for cramps. But I had forgotten to bring that bottle! I had brought some others so I took some of each, and then dug through my purse for a painkiller. I only found one antihistamine, so I took that as well.

We had agreed to meet at the breakfast room at 8 am. I had fallen sound asleep and had no alarm clock with me, so I was grateful that I woke at 7:45 and was able to get cleaned up and dressed by 8, packed up - all set to go right after breakfast, and I went down. I'd intended to only take a cup of coffee, but when I saw the food spread out I did take a few more items.

We ended up sitting and visiting there until they were ready to shut the room down at 9:30, and we were back at my place about 11. We did more visiting, and they finally were back in their truck and ready for the 10 hour drive to their home in Winnipeg at nearly noon.

I needed my normal devotional time before I started my business day, and by mid-afternoon, I needed a nap - I guess my busy night of cramps at the hotel was catching up with me.

A number of things have come together for me, but I still have this feeling that I'm not caught up yet from being kidnapped for a one-day holiday. Still, I am grateful for the extended time with Ernie and Dori, getting to know them better.

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