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Morning Tea
in the Sunshine

Well, this has been an interesting morning. Wayne called and asked if he and Eugene could come for a tea visit. I hated to say "No" for I have a full agenda for today, as with any day. Yet, I always pray and tell the LORD, that HE has my permissions to change my agenda and interrupt it if HE thinks it best all around.

I scrambled around to have my breakfast muffin, etc., and to prepare a TV tray with tea things and some energy bars, with a plate of bing cherries too. I got the kettle water hot for the tea, and have about half a dozen types of tea on the tray to choose from.

All three of us have self-published some books, so most of our conversation turned to books, and apparently Wayne had loaned my novel to Eugene, who had read it and enjoyed it, and had some questions. I had not know that Eugene had published a book too, so he brought a copy to give to me.

A couple of weeks ago I had come across his last name in my GRANDMA database and had checked to see if he was in there. Sure enough! So I had printed out his ancestor chart, which is even longer than mine! I had taped the pages together so it could be hung on the wall, and gave him that copy. I included a sheet that showed how we are fourth cousins!

It was a genial visit and at 10:30 they got up to leave, as apparently, Eugene's car was in for an oil change, and they expected it to be done.

I praised God that we had such a fine visit, and that not all my morning is lost for the RoseBouquet. (I had been thinking I might have to do it in the afternoon, or tomorrow).

So really, when an interruption comes from the hand of God, it is often for our good or for a chance for us to bless others, rather than it is to torment us. That is not His usual style.

Though, I do believe that the Lord can change even a bad interruption into a blessing in one way or another.

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