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How my GOOD Father Cares for Me!

I imagine that you will want an update on last week's article about the pros and cons I was debating. :)

First off, let me thank those friends who reached out by phone or email, to express concern and did offer prayers. I did quite a lot of praying and it did not take long to confirm the sinking feeling that to go ahead with that furnace contract was NOT a wise idea at all.

One night I had trouble falling asleep, so I tried mentally to do some math, dividing 180 months by 12 to get 15 years for the life of that contract. The contract confirmed that I had 10 days to change my mind. The mental math is usually tricky for me, so I put it off until the morning and then did it on a calculator. Their deal was to save me $47/month in utillity bills, but I would be paying an extra $144.28/month (which makes a joke of the savings), and the contract says that they have the right to raise that rental rate by a max of 3.9% each year. Whoa! That comes to over $170/mon. in a few years! Extending this over 15 years, means that by the time the first contract would be done, I would have given that company $30,000 and going on 40,000!

I would be in my 90s by then, and might not even be living here!

(Incidentally, the contract says that if you sell the house you have to persuade the new owners to pick up the rest of the contract).

Of course, if I were still here, they would tell me it was time to install a NEW furnace, and the song and dance would continue for another 15 years!

Well, the furnace I have now that was installed new 12 years ago was covered totallly by a new home owner grant from the government. I haven't taken time to dig up those receipts, but it seems to me it was between $5-6,000, and it didn't cost me a single penny.

I've lived by faith for many decades, trusting God to protect me from dangers and to provide for any real needs (not necessarily wishes or desires) - even during the 23.5 years that I cared for my parents without any salary or income at all, except when I did favours for other seniors.

It became clear to me that GOD was willing to continue to meet my needs if/when they arose. So on Tuesday I wrote up a polite, but honest letter to the company asking them to please cancel this contract. Wednesday morning I looked it over and did some edits and printed it out. Since I needed to dash out to do some banking, I mailed this letter at the red mailbox on the way home.

As I did that it occurred to me that if the postal service was slow the company might not receive my letter in time to cancel the installation appointment on Friday morning, so I phoned in my "please cancel" request as soon as I got to my desk again.

I've been feeling greatly relieved! Although the man, Ryan, called me that afternoon (the office had let him know) and he was quite upset with me, thinking that I'd passed up a great opportunity. I tried to explain my spiritual perspective but he could not understand that. He gave up in disappointment. As the Bible says, a secular mind-set cannot understand spiritual matters.

I've made progress in getting my garden ready to sow, and went to buy seeds on Saturday.

But lest you think that now life is just "hunky-dorey" for me, I have just this morning called to ask for a doctor appointment about a small area of pain in a tender part. It's been coming and going for a few weeks, and I figured it would be wiser to have a clear diagnosis. My own doctor has retired, so I'm being turned over to another woman doctor who is taking over her patients.

Hey, the LORD is still good and loving and kind. He has adopted me, and He is a very GOOD Father!

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