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How My Bones Surprised Me!

At my first appointment with my new chiropractor, she sent me for a complete set of x-rays of my spine - the full length of it. I went to a lab and had those done last week Monday. Then on Thursday afternoon, at my next appointment, the chiropractor showed me those x-rays on her computer monitor.

I was astonished! (She said she was afraid I would be upset). No, I felt God had done some miracles. My spine bends inward about at my waist, but also bends way to the left there. Up between my shoulder blades it walls outward, forming a pronounced hump. As she pointed out, it is hard now, so it cannot be straightened out again.

On top of that the cushioning between my vertebra is 90% gone! No wonder when I'm on my feet for more than an hour or so, my lower back begins to whine, "Go sit down. GO SIT!"

I learned early on from my Mom that when there is work to be done, one presses on until it is done, even if I'm in pain. I have learned in the last few years, that when my back complains like that I stop and go inside (assuming I'm in the garden) and sit down in my recliner, put my feet up and usually have a nap. 30 minutes to an hour later I can get up and get back to work, so I've found it best to yield to my body when it whines for a break.

Oh, and the spine continues up through the neck and to the base of the skull. Guess what. Besides curving inward so deeply it looks like a horseshoe on it's side, and my bones are so porous throughout, but especially there in the neck that they hardly show up on the x-rays!

(Um, I think that means if I get a fracture there, it could be fatal. :))

Well, my first conclusion was - Gasp! with my bones being in such poor condition, it is a miracle that I'm not a puddle of tears and pain on the floor! In fact, I don't have much pain in my bones at all - except for this neck knot. And I now feel that God allowed me to have that so that all this information would come to light.

Dr. Kayla said that she thinks my positive attitude and that I'm already taking all the right supplements is probably the reason I'm not in constant agony. I figure my loving LORD GOD should get most of the credit! In fact, I've been riding on a high since Thursday afternoon, as I feel convinced that God has been very good to me.

Now she did say that she cannot replace or rebuild my bones, but she will try to solve that neck pain problem over six more adjustment appointments in the next three weeks. So I have another appointment this afternoon, and then the second one for this week on Thursday afternoon. After the 6th one she will evaluate whether this has helped me at all. She explained that she does not feel right taking my money if the adjustments do not help me. I appreciate that! So I've agreed to these six treatments, and then we'll see.

She did a few minutes of work on that painful neck spot last Thursday and as I was driving away I realized that the pain was no longer like a sharp knife point there, but - it was as if the pain had got rounded edges at the corners. Now that did not last. By Friday night and Saturday when I was doing some deep cleaning in the pantry, I could feel the old sharp pain back again. But I realize that this may take most or all six treatments to clear up.

I also wonder if she may recommend a firm collar to wear until the bones remember to stay where they are suppose to be.

Say, can you find any suggestions/clues above for yourself, if you live in a constant pain?

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