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Hosting/Managing a Zoom Book Launch

Yes, I'm going to try a first tomorrow night! I've been asked by my client, the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan (MHSS) to be the technical host or guru to guide us through our first official Zoom meeting at which we will honour an author with a "Book Launch".

We have done many of these as live in-person events at Bethany Manor, where we have our Archives in the basement, and we have our meetings and events in their Fellowship Hall (chapel, etc.) on the main floor. Of course, this COVID pandemic means Bethany is guarded with tight rules so that no outbreak of the virus can happen there. Which means we have to learn new ways of doing things.

My Gr'ma had a Low German (Plautdietche) expression which translates like this, "Old as a cow, and still always learning!" Well, I'm on a NEW learning curve here! The President of the MHSS Board said he could make the opening introductions, etc., as the official host of this book launch for the author, who has written a book about the place here in Saskatchewan, where he grew up. It is a small rural district north of Rosthern. However, John, the President asked me to be the technical guru who would make sure that we have no glitches on Zoom (and he has borrowed the use of their church's Zoom paid account so that we can handle any number of attendees).

I've been trying things out on my free account to make sure that I know how to do certain things, and that well enough so that I don't fumble and make the event seem very amateurish.

John and I, plus the author and maybe a few Board members, are going to use the paid zoom account tonight for a dress rehearsal so we can iron out everything that we intend and need to do, and hopefully correct any mistakes and misunderstandings before we do the real meeting tomorrow night.

You are welcome to join us tomorrow, if you wish. It is to start at 7 pm CST (Sask time) and should only last about an hour. I sent out a link to our MHSS people via the E-Updates email list.

I may have a more extensive report next week.... :) Unless some other news or event eclipses this "big deal."

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