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Car Door Frozen SHUT!

Yes, I should know better than to take my car to the car wash, but last Thursday it was so mild that I thought I could risk it. I did it before I went to my chiropractor appointment.

By the time I got there it was starting to snow ever so lightly.

When I was done, I needed to head to the post office in Shoppers Drugs in the WestGate Mall where I usually go. Before I got there the snow was so thick and heavy it was hard for my wipers to keep the windshield clear. Traffic was heavy though and several stupid @#$@% drivers made crazy turns in front of me, not allowing for the fact that braking takes longer in such weather. So I was relieved to get home safely right after the post office visit. I had no desire to continue watching out for crazy drivers.

But Sunday morning about 7 am , after I was dressed, I remembered that I had not plugged the car in, so I bundled up in boots, parka, etc. and went out to do that. (The temp. was -14C). I needed to leave by 9 am, so I went out there about 5 min. early and to my astonishment my key had trouble getting into the door's keyhole. I wiggled and pushed until it went it, and it turned.... BUT the door would not open!

Dad's Corsica used to freeze up like this, but my Black Beauty had not done this to me since I got it in February 2013. Well, pounding on the upper part of the door frame didn't help.

Ah, but I had put my hair dryer into the trunk because the padlock to my gate often freezes up and I wanted it handy, but not so thieves could see it when parked in a public place. Fortunately the trunk opened and I was able to unplug the car from my long orange cord and plug in the hair dryer. I blew it at the keyhole, and all around the frame, alternately pulling on the handle and banging on the frame with my mittened fist.

Finally the upper part of the door frame opened a crack about the size of my little finger, but I could not get a hold of it enough to pull. So I went into the house and came out with my biggest, longest screw driver. (more than 12-14 inches!) I was able to slip it into the crack and pull, but the door would not open.

So I blew my hair dryer all around the frame again, tried with the screw driver, and back to the dryer. I fussed and worked at this for a good 20 minutes, but no go! It seemed to me that the sealer ribbon around the upper portions of the door were willing to give, but the bottom edge of the door stubbornly refused. So some moisture may have collected there last Thursday.

Finally, I gave up, put things away, and came inside. I phoned the church to let them know I was not able to come but I would watch online.

Well, this afternoon I have another appointment with my Chiropractor, so as soon as I've finished this RoseBouquet I'll go out and try again. Right now it is -17C, so I'm not sure whether I will succeed or not, but if I can't budge it I will call the CAA and ask their service man to come out. Surely he has experience with this kind of problem, and it will be easy-peasy for him.

Don't you think?

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P.S. Due to relentless efforts to hack into the blog, I have deleted it and move my weekly posts to this Department on my novel's site, which is all about my Friends being my Roses or RoseBouquet, and has been from the beginning, in 2001.
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