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What's New: Rebuilding Sites - Progress

I'm happy to report that I got the second site rebuilt. That is the site.

I started building this site in 2007, at SoloBuildIt! They have excellent training and resources. You don't have to know any HTML coding to use their system. However, since I had already taught myself the do-it-myself way, using HTML coding, I am of the group that is allowed to build my pages off-line and then upload them.

That does make it tricky when I want to take advantage of some features they offer. I designed my new template in their Site Designer, but I had trouble figuring out that top of each page, Horizontal Navigation bar. (The place where you have links to all the main parts of the site). There was suppose to be a video but that would not show up for me. I re-read the text instructions a number of times, but something seemed missing. So I wrote to Support and asked if I could substitute an Includes file there (something I've done in other parts of my template page).

Someone in Support re-did the video in another format so that I could see it. I got it then, but I didn't want to link all 140 pages to that network. Whew! That would be a huge job and get very cumbersome. Besides, I have already built a SITEMAP page which has links to every page on that site. I only want to link to 5 or 6 categories in that top nav bar.

So yes, I did that today, and then it will automatically show up on all the pages, and presto, visitors can find their way around. Each page that is in a category has a list of links on the right side to all the others in that category. So there should be no problem in getting around the site.

Since it has taken me just a bit more than 3 weeks to finish that site, I'm now excited to think it may be possible to get 3 more sites done in January and February. Then it will take about 3 months to complete the biggie; which is over 1000 pages!

Yes, and somewhere in there I will complete the setup/moving of my RoseBouquet (blog) to a static portion of that site as well. Maybe by January? RoseBouquet Dec/15/2020]

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