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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
intimate with God,
prays a lot,
a bleeding heart for the hurting,
a big sister,
rescues friends,
has creative ideas,
likes to give surprise gifts,
loyal to friends,
dreams of love and marriage,
dreams of writing a book
goes the extra mile

So this site offers;
good books to read!
help to become Friends with Jesus,
The One Ideal Real Friend
a cure for loneliness
An Older Sister's Coping Secret
how to pray Panic Prayers,
& regularly/daily
how to grow in faith
Christian mentoring,
how to share your faith

Psst! I've got FREE taste treats of the novel ready for YOU! DOWNLOAD the first 3 chapters as an eBOOK in beautiful colours, or read the first 8 chapters on this site, if you have time to stay a while. Start READING HERE!
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Wish you could have a heart-to-heart talk with God?

Ruthe does. All the time, where ever she goes, she's having a running conversation with the one she calls Lord, or my Best Friend. You've got to meet Ruthe! AND her Secret Roses.

You don't really have time to read on the couch, but if you're like me, you do read snatches on the run, and somehow make time to read a GOOD book completely.

So how can you be sure this Ruthe in the book is not some kook? Read the six sample chapters.

Worthy Places to Give To. . .
Share What You Can

Albany Christian University is an accredited online Bible college. They offer online Bible college degrees and the best online Bible college courses on the Net. Their Mission is to equip ordinary people for extra-ordinary Ministry. - is a very special site by Betty Baker Bradley, a woman who makes baby blankets to give away as she stands before the infamous Tiller Abortuary in Kansas, to anyone who can be dissuaded from having an abortion. She also uses her skills as a poet and artist, and now this website, to plead for those precious pre-born babies who cannot speak for themselves. She really needs you to make a donation so she can keep making blankets to give away to distraut new moms who decide to give their baby life. Please visit

Generosity is Alive and Well - Not to steal anyone's final reward, but we do want to draw more attention to the skill are art of being a wise and generous giver. The owner has long desired to be a generous, extravagant, but also a very wise and discerning giver. This site profiles and draws attention to worthy causes, missions and ministries that deserve generosity. Are you a Generous Giver?

Manna Publications (US) - A ministry established to raise awareness in the USA, of need for Christian literature in overseas countries . Many groups have some part of the Bible in their language but no study guides to facilitate learning. Manna seeks to provide in the form of a self-help program where the Manna Distributor selects what is needed and we help them produce it in their own country - if they agree to sell the books and reserve some(50-60%) of funds for future printing.

Manna Publications (UK) - provides Bible commentaries that are easy to read and understand. These booklets are in ready-to-print form and can be downloaded in English and French. They are FREE and suitable for use by pastors, teachers and students. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own Christian literature. Western culture/jargon has been removed and religious terms explained so the books are suitable for any culture and are easily translated.

PMC Ministries, Tanzania - About the Pentecostal Missionary Church, and it's leader/pastor, Gervase Masanja, in Tanzania. Gervase is an enterprising leader, looking for ways to help his very poor people with jobs and self-employment, as well as the gospel.

Revival Time Ministry (Uganda) - an indigenous and an inter-denominational Christian NGO founded by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako in 1993. Revival Time Ministry is not a local church, but does actively win converts to Christ as a result of evangelistic outreach programs. The new converts, or even the local churches founded, are taken care of by local-church planting organizations with sound and acceptable Christian doctrines. Evangelism , Discipleship Training and Social Development interventions define the core activities over the past 15 years.

Western Tract Mission, Inc. - This non-profit literature mission offers an array of Gospel Tracts, discipleship curriculum and Mailbox Bible courses for all ages, children, prisoners, and adults, as well as ministry opportunities for Believers. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Rev. M. Sambabu who is a Pastor with a Full Gospel Church of God in Andhra Pradesh, India, has built a web site to inform the world about his vision and ministry, and the great needs they face every day. Although English must be his second language, you can tell on his site and in the photos of the church that they have some very creative people in their midst! They strike me as real and in real need.

African Links Development is dedicateded to mobilizing human, financial, and material resources for the most vulnerable - the poor, orphans, widows, and child-headed households. I know this family fairly well. Bonita is a distant relative of mine. Her husband, Eddie Mwunvaneza, is a Rwandan who came to Canada for an education, and now they want to go back to Rwanda to help with the restoration of that nation.

Orphan's Hope Investing in the next generation is always a wise move. Orphan's Hope is doing this with excellence. Find out how you can become a partner with them - making a difference "one-by-one".

Sew on Fire Ministries is a God-birthed ministry that sends humanitarian aid, blankets, mini layettes and custom designed cloth gift bags all over the world. They send and distribute merchandise with short-term missions' groups, and have sent many containers full out already.

Revival Time Ministry (RTM) is looking for Christian partners to help carry their load financially and in prayer. They already do many things, as you'll see here, but have a vision to provide a vocational school for girls in Uganda. Especially for about 15 - 25 girls who have AIDS or are HIV positive - unemployed - and/or single parents. They need to acquire survival skills such as tailoring, carpentry, cooking, etc. They have five acres of land for this vocational school, but need funding to proceed.

Partners in Mission working in Bameko, Mali, seeks to evangelize, plant new churches, and train believers in mission work. They organize short-term trips when volunteers come forward, and funds permit.

Across 2 U - a family of ministries by a Christian family.

Abba Ministries - A Retreat Center at Ranchero la Paz, with Writers' workshops, etc.

The Anchorage Project a community ministry in Ireland, that includes produce gardens for the poor.

Hands to Serve - This group seeks to assist with freight needs internationally. It is based in the Netherlands.
Hands to Serve

The Micah Network on Relief & Development in which Tearfund UK have been prime movers.

Riding Lights - This group is the leading Christian Drama Company in England. In recent years, they have purchased an old theatre in the historic city of York. Their presentations throughout the UK are very professional and communicate well to contemporary generation audiences.

PRAYER GUIDE PAR-EXCELLENCEThe prayer guide produced by CARE (Christian Action for Research and Education) in the UK is one of the best. You may like to receive it by e-mail or in hardcopy. The booklet is very professionally design and produced. Although the prayer focus is on the UK, many aspects of a nation's community life are applicable to other countries with cultural modifications. Go to Communicating - then to prayer and order the prayer guide

GLOBAL CHANGE - This excellent website is worth checking out. It is designed and managed by Patrick Dixon who has been acclaimed as one of the 50 most significant global business thinkers of this century and a leading futurist. His site had 5 million+ visitors in 12 months.

Grow and Go - FREE copyable Bible Study materials for places and Christians who can't afford it.

LITT World a literature ministry seeking to raise up godly Christian writers in third world countries, and help them produce quality literature for their own people.

Computers for Charities - Cfc have many second-user computers donated by companies and available under free loan to charities, churches and overseas workers.

Craft Sites - that Help Third World Entrepreneurs

Tamara's cards in Thailand - These cards are made in Thailand and friends coordinate their sales in Europe.

Village Hand Crafters - When you buy these festive gift baskets made by impoverished churches you are partnering with them in the Great commission.

More Imagination Thank You Can Handle? Acts-on-the-Net has my story on it, and could use yours too!

Locked in with Honor and Shame? Unlock the Door with this book.

Can a Muslim become a Christian? Meet the Man from Gedara.

Is Honor and Shame an issue? Unlock the Door - and go out.

More Imagination Thank You Can Handle?

Take time for a Bible Minute! Fresh every day.

Let Elisabeth Elliot, a mature, godly woman, encourage and teach you and me, through a short daily devotional

Want the REAL prolife news, not slanted by the media? LifeSite

Thank you!

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