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TITLE: Ruthe's Secret Roses

AUTHOR: Ruth Marlene Friesen

CATEGORIES: Spiritual Fiction, Women & Teens


FORMAT: 5.5 x 8" paperback, glossy colored cover

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PUBLICATION DATE: print - March 2002


PRICE: print - $19.95 e-book - $5.99 USD

TRIM: 5.5" X 8" quality paperback

or~~ The Lord's Morning Glory Publishing House 306-225-2138

FIRST PRINT RUN: Print-on-Demand

Caring, imaginative, Ruthe supports her family as a telephone operator, using her free time to rescue others from evil but dares not tell her prairie hometown Mennonite family. Trapped by her deception, Ruthe must find a creative solution for her own torment.

Wish a miracle-working angel would rescue you from your family problems? Wouldn't a friend be great who knows what to say or do in every crisis? Ruthe is that kind of miracle-working friend. But having so many friends creates a few problems for her, especially since she doesn't want her family back in her prairie Mennonite hometown to know about her wonderful city friends.

How can Ruthe be totally devoted to Christ, winning friends, and helping them to live holy lives, and to be so blind to her own short-comings? Watch as her deception and double-life sets a trap for Ruthe, and the creative way she finally deals with it.

Ruth Marlene Friesen, never married, moved home 23 years ago to care for her aged parents. Her mother died in 1997, but she still is homemaker and caregiver for her Dad, who is 90 and still does their gardening. Books and writing are her main life on the internet now, but she still finds time to be active in her church. "I collect friends the way some people collect souvenirs or treasured antiques." She says, "and I look forward to mentoring the new friends this book is bound to bring me."

Your book was a pleasure to read. I loved all the transformations; the physical makeovers, the home decorating, and best of all, the total heart conversions. All are made possible by an unassuming young Mennonite woman who trusts God to lead her and work through her.

There aren't many books written about the Mennonite way of life; particularly having them associating with other faiths, and sharing their faith.
(Kathy Wollf - First Reader)

I love it! Your style of writing is excellent, especially the way you build interest and keep me wanting to read faster and faster. What a wonderful story :-)
(Connie Lepovosky, Typesetter).

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