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News Release: Broke Caregiver Publishes
Novel via Internet and POD

For Immediate Release ~~~~~ Dateline - March 20, 2002

Ruth Marlene Friesen
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Broke Caregiver Publishes novel via Internet and POD

While many know they have a book in them, they don't believe they could accomplish the enormous task of publishing it themselves. "Just the cost seems prohibitive," such a would-be complains, "never mind the expertise - and contacts you have to have!"

However, Ruth Marlene Friesen, a caregiver for her parents in Hague, Saskatchewan the past 18 years, wrote a novel, and persevered to teach herself on the internet in the three years, how to publish and market it in the new electronic way, known as Print-on-Demand or POD. Now she's reached a publishing milestone; her book is for sale in soft cover from, and should shortly appear on Amazon, and in other bookstore chains.

"I've got this far," Friesen, a freelance writer, with two self-published family histories, says, "on a shoestring too short to wrap around my finger, and with a lot of prayer. Miracles have happened again and again!"

Friesen, single, living with her 86 year old father, has no regular income at all, just what comes as gifts in answer to prayer, or through the odd freelancing or translation job she does on the side. She adds, "My secrets are easy to duplicate if you are not afraid of work."

Author of A Godly Inheritance, and Grandpa's Stories, Friesen was online for two years before she spent a dime on anything online, aside from her internet connection. However, she's taught herself to build websites, has her own domain name,, and publishes a biweekly ezine full of progress reports on her publishing efforts and website, and also inspirational articles she calls Refreshing Dew. These articles come free in her email newsletter, RoseBouquet, which includes a weekly profile of one of her friends, either a real live friend, or one from the novel.

Her current focus is a Print-on-Demand (POD) contract with so that her novel, aimed at young women in the teen to early twenties range, can be put in their hands in a paperback or hardcover edition as well as the digitals. "Right now," Friesen says enthusiastically, "it only costs $199 US to sign such a contract, and there are no further costs to layout. I can sell one book or thousands upon thousands!"

This prolific writer has registered two businesses last year, and feels ready now to send her book all over the world. The novel is described in detail on her site


Online Media Kit includes; Sell Sheet, Author bio, Fact Sheet, Early reviews, Q&A Advisory, Request form for downloadable review novel, other releases, and POD quizzes.

Call (306)225-2138 for an interview.

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