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Media Kit - Author Bio

Author: Ruth
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Ruth Marlene Friesen is a Canadian writer, who returned in 1983 to Hague, a prairie town in Saskatchewan, to be a full-time caregiver to her aged parents.

Her mother's frail health made Friesen more or less house-bound until her mother's death in November 1997, but this gave her time to write. Her creative imagination and broad interests leads me to try many things, including crafts, making gift books by hand, family history books, tile-laying... you name it, she's not afraid of work. (Sometimes Friesen compares herself to the Rebecca in the Bible, who not only gave a cup of water when asked, but watered all the camels too!)

Friesen loves to read and write most of all, and finds working on the internet and by email custom-made for her. It's a place where she can finally be prolific and share out of her very brim-full heart and lively and informed mind.

It took four days to drive to London, Ontario, all by herself in 1971 in pursuit of her publishing dream. There she was busy in church and children's ministries. Besides being the part-time church secretary, Friesen worked as a receptionist at Philips Electronics. She was the first woman on her church's Executive Board at West London Alliance. All the while writing, and re-writing her novel secretly.

Friesen has taught Sunday School since she was 17. She has been the Secretary and a key organizer in various Sunday Schools over the years, and for four years in the 1990s was the Superintendent of Sunday School at her current church at Neuanlage Grace Mennonite in Saskatchewan, (near Hague), where she lives with her father.

When she lived in London, Friesen was Coordinator and Chief Guide of Pioneer Girls Clubs, and wrote and directed an original summer program for church kids.

After her return to Hague, she was AWANA Clubs Director and Secretary at the Neuanlage church for eight years, and for four summers, both directed the Vacation Bible School, and designed and prepared all the crafts. Much of the time she was still working on her novel too.

Never-married, Friesen's current priorities are caring for her father, who is 90, (as of February 20, 2006) and her many internet ventures, including publishing a first novel, and several weekly blogs and ezines. The Rosebouquet, especially keeps fans and friends updated on the novel and website, and provides inspirational articles about friendship, mentoring and other topics that the novel touches on.

Her eAction shares her marketing and business ventures and ideas with a small group of followers, and at a new site she is building to profile small missions and ministries that are worthy of attention from generous givers, she has begun a new blog, A Giver Like God.

She has worked full-time since January 1999, at learning to explore and use the internet, designing web sites, making friends, all with the ultimate goal of publishing her book, Ruthe's Secret Roses, and the ones that will inevitably follow. Friesen's goal is to be a giver like God, giving all the profits of the book to Him, which is to others, as she awaits the Lord's morning glory.

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