Wouldn't you like to pray and get results?

Ruthe Veer does. The heroine of this novel has a reputation with the police as the Angel of Mercy. They keep running into her rescuing other teen girls, and women. She's one great friend to have!

She also keeps up a continual dialogue with her Best Friend, who is the Lord Jesus. When she's stuck, she asks His help, when she's reacting to something, she tells Him first. Ruthe gets courage to do some amazing things. She often has the wits to do and say the right thing at the right time.

Do you wish you knew God intimately like that?

Or do you sigh for a heart to heart talk with Him?

Get Ruthe's Secret Roses, and Ruthe will show you how. When you read this novel, you'll feel like you meet and watch someone who knows how to be intimate with God. Let me introduce you to Ruthe.

Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruthe's Secret Roses

Here's an excerpt:

In those same split seconds her parents had appeared in the kitchen, Suzanne had bounced back downstairs from their bedroom, and Sharri screamed Ruthe's name. But their dressed up graduate jumped into the old brown '59 Pontiac, backed out into the gravel street and spun away, hearing none of them.

Ruthe breathed deep trembling breaths as she steered nimbly around the familiar corners of Kleinstadt and onto the highway to Saskatoon. She was now an adult on a serious mission.

Abruptly she giggled a tiny taut giggle. What a crazy reprieve from the fussy banquet and public ceremonies and speeches, the anticipation of which had tied her in knots all day. This was exhilarating; speeding down the highway in the magic of an early evening hour in May. The sun shone warmly, a welcome surprise after a long winter of cold and very short days.

Just when she was beginning to unwind a new nervousness washed over Ruthe. What could she possibly do for the O'Briens when she got there?

On the phone Muriel had said that her mother was dying and asking for her, and her older sister had vanished. "Ruthe, you've got to come help me find Cathy before Mom dies!" her new teen friend had sobbed.

"I've never been at a deathbed before," Ruthe worried. "I was not really at Grandpa's last year. Not right when he died. What will the rest of the O'Briens think, me barging in like this?"

Swiftly her thoughts went into a soundless but high-charged dialogue with God, a habit developed in her lonely preteen years. What will I do, Lord? I'm only that mousy bookworm who reads too much and is scared of strangers. Just look at what I've got myself into now!

Vivid scenes from the last two weeks washed in like tidewater to remind her how she stumbled into this double life.

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Notice that she's scared too. Ruthe finds herself in some unusual predicaments. But she knows where to get instant help.

In the above scene she recklessly skips out on her own high school graduation to rush to help some new friends she met recently. She doesn't know what she'll do, but she's confident an answer WILL show up.

Here's another scene;

white swollen face lifted under the auburn mop. "-Like a game! Two guys fought over me. Then-n, wh-when I split a seam, they tor-e my dres-s! God! I can't go home. Ever!" Her head dropped on her knees again. "I wanna die!"

"Let's go fast." Ruthe urged briskly. "My car is at the door."

"They threw my dress away!" the young teen wailed.

"Com'on." Ruthe coaxed, feeling desperate for fresh air herself.

Slowly the redhead got up out of the coats and stood on wobbly platforms, stretching the bottom of Ruthe's sweater down past her panties, and attaching herself to Ruthe's arm slunk out with her.

The redhead had begun to cry aloud in the car, and Ruthe, not sure what to do with an unhappy soul now that she had found one, simply pulled away and drove out of that area. She decided that what was needed next, was to talk it out, and let this girl spill her trauma. If in her place, she knew she would not want to be taken to the police, or other strangers, but now that she had begun, Ruthe was ready to die before she would bail out of helping this girl. Whatever it took, she was in this one hundred percent, plus.

When she saw that they were on a quiet residential avenue parallel to the riverbank, beautifully canopied with shade trees, Ruthe decided it would be okay to park in a hidden spot.

"Ahm? My name's Ruthe. What's yours?"

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Ruthe befriends strangers and has intimate running conversations with God. However, she lives a double life, keeping her city friends from her family. How will she resolve this stressful mess?

The heroine of Ruthe's Secret Roses, will remind you in some ways, of Anne of Green Gables, but this young woman, just graduated from high school, has a strange maturity about her. She's very spiritual, praying a lot, but mostly she's concerned about others, and feels compelled to step in and help strangers when she sees they are in a predicament.

Now, while Ruthe Veer is totally devoted to Christ, winning adoring friends, the strangers she helps out so boldly, and she mentors them to live holy lives, and yet she is rather blind to her own short-comings. She fears her parents will prevent her from working in the city of Saskatoon, if they find out that she is building friendships with worldly sinners.

If you are from certain cultures (Ruthe's is Mennonite) you might see why that is such a terrifying prospect to this very likable Ruthe. She can not picture herself lying to her parents or disobeying them outright. Yet she seems unable to think up creative solutions for herself in that regard.

You will watch as this double-life (and some deception) sets a trap for Ruthe, until finally, she does find a creative and surprising way to deal with it. On second thought, it isn't so surprising if you pay attention to her character throughout.

This is not a run-of-the-mill book. You've never read one quite like it before!

But if you are open to watching the Christian life lived out in a young woman who cares passionately about her friends, whom she thinks of as roses in her secret garden, you are guaranteed to enjoy this book.

In fact, it will make a huge impact on your life, for you'll discover how you can have that same highly effective, intimate and continuous friendship with Jesus Christ.

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