When you meet Ruthe and her Friend - You've got Friends!

Oh, to be Intimate with God! Don't you wish you could get close and converse with Him as a friend to a Friend? Finally! You'd get some answers to those huge questions that have plagued you so long!

Ruthe does. That is, converses with God all day long as she swings in and out of trouble, while she makes friends in the most unusual places and ways.

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Ruthes-SecretRoses.com is dedicated to sharing her story, and introducing YOU to that kind of relationship too! YES, this is a transferrable concept. You can pick it up from reading this new spiritual novel that doesn't fit into any present categories. (It's creating one!)

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Ruthe's Secret Roses
Making Friends Everywhere! and Showing You
how to Walk and Talk with God in the Garden of Prayer

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The author, Ruth Marlene Friesen
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Each chapter is on a page like this with links at the bottom to jump around

Each chapter is on a page like this with links at the bottom to jump around

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