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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
intimate with God,
prays a lot,
a bleeding heart for the hurting,
a big sister,
rescues friends,
has creative ideas,
likes to give surprise gifts,
loyal to friends,
dreams of love and marriage,
dreams of writing a book
goes the extra mile

So this site offers;
good books to read!
help to become Friends with Jesus,
The One Ideal Real Friend
a cure for loneliness
An Older Sister's Coping Secret
how to pray Panic Prayers,
& regularly/daily
how to grow in faith
Christian mentoring,
how to share your faith

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My Answer:
to "Are you making any money yet?"

Allow me to show you the following dimensions of marketing stuff on the net. I'll expand on each.

1. Tremendous opportunities for sole proprietors!
2. A steep learning curve to take full advantage of them
3. Effective marketing takes WORK - see what I've done already!
4. My publishing goals in perspective
5. The Balancing Challenge
6. My Invitation or Dare to YOU!

Tremendous Opportunities

The Internet is truly a great, growing web that is making the world one global village, even if not all have computers yet the numbers coming online is fantastic. It is larger every time you hear about it..

It is an Information-hungry world out there, and information or info-products are the BEST selling of anything. As soon as the newcomers (known as Newbies) get comfortable they start buying and selling, which makes the net a huge, multi-linked networked marketplace.

But it's different than standing at a street corner with a cardboard sign up, advertising your garage sale. There are references to traffic, and visitors to sites, but this is mainly a one-on-one communication with human beings. After a while the computer fades away as the novelty wears off, and this is a person-to-person thing. In that vulnerable position people often bare their souls and are more truly themselves than they would ever be in a crowd.

Mind you, the technologies of computers is still developing, making it possible for one person to run a whole empire of a business single-handedly. If they have the wits, that is, to grasp and do most of the work themselves. This is excellent! Mainly because these one-person entrepreneurships are able to stop and change approaches very abruptly when they must. Something the big companies couldn't, so when trends shifted, they collapsed.

The biggest successes on the Internet today started as one-man offices in a home. They turn over thousands and millions of dollars, and some have only just lately started hiring help. :) Here's something that makes me smile; the biggest names are Canadians! Eh?! Corey Rudl of The Internet Marketing Challenge, Ken Evoy of SiteSell fame, Doug Williams of MoneyLegs, and Bogdan Fiedur of AdlandPro is known worldwide for his ezine. I keep discovering more all the time!

Allan Says, and others call their one-webpage sales letter selling one hot e-book - internet cash machines. And they are! But those people have spent some real time learning how first.

Steep Learning Curve

I came online very naive about the Internet at the end of January 1999, but in these seven years-plus, I've devoted to learning to market my novel, I've constantly astonished myself with what I could learn. And how many others are doing just about the same thing.

Usually, we sign up for some FREE affiliate program or club, that promises to make us lots of money if we'll just insert a special link or banner to their website. Then we get eager to find more customers, so we try out all the FREE advertising methods out there.

Some folks give up. They are overwhelmed or they haven't the persistance.

Marketing is HARD WORK!

A few of us have taken courses in the School of Hard-Knocks, or have a stiff dose of stubborn perserverance. Those who last a year usually prove to be of that sort. We keep trying, searching, reading, trying this, trying that, and talking with others by email, until gradually we get acultured to this life.

Utlimately, it is best to design or write one's own product, and to line up affiliate programs that go with your theme, rather than to just promote affiliate programs alone. Once that is done, 90% of your daily business routine should focus on marketing and promotion.

Free-For-ALL (FFAs) sites are passe, classfieds are limited in effectiveness now, but you can still find AdlandPro and a few others. Free ezine ads seem to have passed their crest in popularlity, but they are still around. Paid solo and sponsor ads drew the best for a while, but with the terrific spam problem and the fight-back with filters killing even wanted ezine emails go AWOL.

The smartest moves by far, are to learn to edit and publish your own ezine, and build up a loyal following, and also to learn to design your own web pages and sites. Those are two basic skills that have to be learned for a solid groundwork. Even ezines, however, as I just said, are under attack from the new spam filters that throw them out with the junk mail. Watch for new developments.

Submitting web pages to search engines is crucial, and they are constantly charging too. The era of learn and do everything for FREE is fading. - Whew! I'm so glad I came online when I did and could learn for free!

Lastly, writing good sales copy and press releases is imperative, and it helps if you can come up with interesting ways to attract attention to yourself - or your site and product.

Me? I've tried all the free ads places, although not at 90% of my day, and yes, I edit/publish two ezines now, and find those to be tremendously fulfilling as I win friends and influence people. I'm so-o very glad now that I tackled the learning of web design. That, and writing are my most useful skills! I learned on free websites, and created six or seven as I learned. Now I'm too busy to keep them all current. But I still urge my newbie friends to go for the free sites first. Why pay money for making and learning from mistakes?

At this point I'm working on several sites and beginning to build them for others.

My Publishing Goals in Perspective

Yes, I'm taking my own advice.

Actually, I wrote a novel long before I knew of the internet, and have long dreamed of an outlet for the prolific writing that I know can pour forth from me. So God created me for this work! I love people, I love writing, I love creative ideas and web design, and I wrote pen pal letters for years and wondered whatever that might be training for. Nor am I afraid of learning new things and work. All these apptitudes are met in internet work.

Other factors are that while I had no other income, I got food and shelter for looking after my elderly father. Ge was east to look after so I had a generous window of free time to do all this work. (He passed away February 24, 2007, so my situation has changed this year).

My novel is up on my site, ready for sale as an e-book, and I'm working on getting it into Print. Meantime, I'm using my web site to market some affiliate programs on the side, and addressing everything to the kind of people, women mostly, whom I expect to come looking at the novel. When it all functions smoothly, I'll have my hands full and be able to hire virtual Assistants to help with the detail-work behind the scenes.

I especially look forward to helping out my friends, and creating spin-off jobs and businesses to give them employment with dignity.

The Balancing Challenge

This is the hardest thing to learn, to balance my time so that I accomplish the most the quickest. I may struggle with it for a long time yet. I bet you will too.

My Invitation or Dare to YOU!

If you think you are up for the challenge of this lifestyle and work, jump on in! The water's fine! There's room for you too.

If you can see you are not the right type of person, then for your own sake and happiness - don't get into internet marketing. You'll only make yourself very unhappy, perhaps bitter, and probably bring down some loved ones with you.

If you'd like a routine, small-task job, let it be known. All these idea people will sooner or later realize that they NEED you, and offer you a job. Someone has to do the maintanence work, or keying data into huge databases. Make yourself a loyal, faithful detail-person, and latch onto a good boss. One who will look after well you well. Then you've got it made too!

But again, if you are up for the challenge, and want to try an internet business may I suggest you take this free eBook course first for some excellent training? It's called the Affiliate Masters Course. It has heavy-duty college course material and assignments.

If you want to see which programs I recommend you check out and sign up for, go to My Affiliate Favourites. Remember, ultimately, you should create your own original product and sell some of these on the side.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to write me. Go to my Contact Page for ways to reach me.

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