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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
intimate with God,
prays a lot,
a bleeding heart for the hurting,
a big sister,
rescues friends,
has creative ideas,
likes to give surprise gifts,
loyal to friends,
dreams of love and marriage,
dreams of writing a book
goes the extra mile

So this site offers;
good books to read!
help to become Friends with Jesus,
The One Ideal Real Friend
a cure for loneliness
An Older Sister's Coping Secret
how to pray Panic Prayers,
& regularly/daily
how to grow in faith
Christian mentoring,
how to share your faith

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Are You Pregnant - with a Book?

© Ruth Marlene Friesen

You may have known for a long time that you are carrying around the germ or the complete outline of a good book in you. How about some pre-natal care to bring it to birth?

Oh, you wish you could deliver a popular ebook to the world too? You conceive by brainstorming for ideas. Make Your Knowledge Sell, at;, a comprehensive manual, could guide you very ably through the steps.

Just their email Info-Product course gave me 10 ideas on my first try! (Get that for free with a blank email; But be sure to add the word MASTERS to the subject line, or you will not get it).

Once you are sure you have a book growing inside you, and you'll know by the leap of enthusiasm in your spirit. Now it's time to prepare for its arrival and introduction to the world.

Before you write it, decide on a niche market and research it so your book will be slanted for them.

Let's say you have some personal experiences to relate. Your immediate family and friends will lap it up, looking for references to themselves. Some others, or women who love vicarious trips, and confessions, will be curious enough, but after that interest will dwindle.

People are generally very self-focused. Rather find a group who could identify with your experiences, and slant your writing as helpful information for THEM. Tell your stories to illustrate what you mean in your advice. You'll end up with a much wider readership.

Supposing you escaped a Communist country and have made a new life for yourself in the free world. If only those who know you read it, how many books will you sell or give away? But if you slant it to people who have also escaped and are bewildered about adjusting in the free world, and you give them solid examples of how you have settled in, then the book will be seen as a help book and recommended to far more people.

Work out the slant and research what your book ought to include to be effective in that niche. Do this BEFORE you write it. Otherwise, you'll be re-writing it until you are quite sick of it.

The publishing world is in a great transition stage. Just in the last couple of years, electronic, or e-books have become very popular, and they are free to create and almost free to sell. In the past 6 to 7 years print-on-demand has arisen and every month more publishers are setting up to use this much more efficient and quicker way to get books to market.

The dust hasn't settled yet on this! But one thing is certain, self-publishing is coming into its time in the sun. A lot of mediocre stuff is being published and accepted because of the novelty of it all, but the opportunities are ripe for those who are pregnant with a book and bursting to share it with the world - even though on a shoestring budget!

After writing your book out in a word processor, and getting it proof-read by someone else, you polish and edit and arrange it nicely. Then do it again. And another time to be sure.

At present I see three ways to publish, and you can get your book out in all three.

1. e-book as .exe (can only be read on PCs)

This is where you find a nice web page template, and copy and paste each page or chapter, into it, name it as a file in a special folder, and do the next. Put links into the pages to tie them all together, so it is possible to jump to the next page with a click. Add some banner ads if you are going to give it away and hope to get traffic through the advertising. Then download an e-book compiler software, fill in some blanks, and zap - in minutes your book is an .exe file and can be uploaded and downloaded like any software on the internet. It's ready for sale or give away.

The compilers for give-away e-books are free. If you plan to sell your e-book, it will cost a bit. I found the most affordable compiler for creating a book to sell is Activ-Ebook Compiler at $35 US.

2. e-book as .pdf (the reader needs Acrobat Reader to see it).

These e-books can be read on either PC or Mac computers but readers need to download the free Acrobat Reader first. Your pages can look exactly as they do in your wordprocessor, however, you will need Adobe's special Acrobat software which costs $250 to convert your MS Word document into .pdf format. Or, more recently, you can download the free (which in my mind is better than MS Word), and when you have completed your book setup, you simply click that you want to export it as a PDF file. Watch for a few seconds, and it is done!

Both the .pdf and the .exe (or html) style ebooks can be uploaded to your website, and downloaded in seconds or minutes, depending on the size of the book.

A cover design is not necessary to the e-book, however, most people find they can sell their e-book better if they do have an attractive cover graphic that looks like a book.

3. Print-on-Demand.

There are still plenty of people who would rather read from a paper volume in their hands. They're also easier for reading in the bathtub or hiding under the covers in your bed when you should be... you know what.

In 1998 I got four quotes on printing my novel, and the best one called for $15,000 dollars to get 5,000 paperback copies. Committed to not getting into debt, I had to put that plan on hold. Now I see God's goodness in that delay.

It is now possible to pay something like $199 US for a set up fee to a POD capable printer. They download your manuscript into their computer, and set it up to take customer credit card payments on their website. (As competition increases that price may come down).

You send potential customers there, who pay for your softcover book. The printer prints out just the one book if need be, and binds it, and sends it on the way to that customer the next day, or in 48 hours. The printer deducts their percentage fee, and once a month sends you your profits. You have no costs for stocking, shipping, etc.

Instead of getting a royalty of say 8 - 10% from a traditional printer, you can now get 50 - 70% profit because the printer's expenses are lower. Places to start your search;

When this is all set up, of course, you are wise to put up a nice website of your own, to introduce your book to the world, complete with order page, so they can pay you for the e-book of choice. Or, they may click a link over to your POD's website, and pay for the hard or softcover.

That alone doesn't sell the books. Now you have to write press releases, and advertise both the book and website everywhere. Doggedly, persistently.

You could spend the rest of your days promoting your book, and enjoying the profits. Oh-h-but! :) you'll soon be pregnant with another great idea!

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