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This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
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So this site offers;
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Patterns for Mini-Articles

© Ruth Marlene Friesen

Supposing I gave you a problem and asked you to write a mini-article showing how to solve it? Could you do it in say 50 to 150 words?

You probably could! See, you know how to write good, practical articles, you just need to train yourself to write in a consistent pattern to produce good answers to common problems everyone faces.

No doubt you've figured out a lot of solutions to daily little problems, and you've forgotten when you solved it. So you may have to stop and re-think your steps methodically.

Recently my friend Arnold had a problem with wasps in a hedge he was cutting. His solution was ingenious and it occurred to him later to write it up as a riddle for a ezine. It could have worked as a mini-article or a filler too. Newspapers and magazines LOVE to buy these up, paying from $10 to $30 or $50 or more.

Why not pick one of the patterns below and write an article a day for a couple of weeks. Gradually it will become as easy as brushing your teeth. You'll do it without looking in the mirror any more.

Here's a brief introduction and outline for six basic patterns.


This very article is an example. Using "you" words, I spell out a problem writers have and summarize how I suggest dealing with it.

Then my article gives you what you need, and my directions (in this case patterns) for solving the writing problem. At the end I conclude with my answer.

Long article outline:
Problem Hook
Capsule Sentence


When you write a filler, just one to three paragraphs, to fill a page in a magazine, you need to be brief and to the point. You squeeze your hook that lures people to read, and your capsule sentence - all in the title. (It takes some of us longer to condense than to write these in the first draft!)

The pattern is the same, but try to get the solution worked out in just a sentence or two, and conclude with a summary sentence or phrase, if you can.

eg. Get Rid of Wasps in a no-cost, non-chemical way.

Bring your vacuum cleaner out, take off attachments, and hold up hose section to the wasps' entry point as you turn it on. Seal and dispose of vacuum cleaner bag. Your wasps are exterminated at no cost or damage to the eco-systems.

Short article outline:
Title is the hook and capsule sentence


You can profile a worthy person in your community in a an article too. If it's to be a short one, just point out one main contribution in your opening, and offer proofs through examples or stories of what he or she has done. Close by emphasizing this dominant trait.

In a longer profile article you could show several sides of this person and give a more detailed word picture. That's what I do in my "Rose Closeups."

Profile article outline:
Dominant trait (your focus)


Sometimes you need to present a viewpoint or protest what is going on in a community. An articulate article, or Op-Ed piece, can win over people to your way of thinking.

Explain clearly what you are protesting against, and spell out your reasoned arguments. End by summing up your message in a way that's easy to remember - maybe it will be quoted by others afterwards.

Protest article outline:


This one is a lot like the first one, where you present a problem, and show a solution, except that this is more in a story format. Here you tell of a problem you had and how you personally solved it. A testimonial, in fact. Summarize your point of change and message at the end.

Just remember this is a mini-article, not your whole biography. To do that you need to write a book.

Personal Experience (mini) Outline:
Change & message


Again, the pattern will look familiar to you by now. But this simple one works for your funny bone, and for dealing with themes as well.

Name a problem, describe it as interestingly as you like. Suggest some solutions. They need not be all straight-faced. Show how that changes things.

Humorous & Thematic outline:

There are, other patterns for articles, such as news, business reports, and more, but these should keep most of us busy for quite a while, just trying them out. If you find these mini-articles come easily, you have a way to make a good livelihood.

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