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A Windy Sunday Garden Tour

my pink petunias by the front window
Well, since the daisies are finished, if you come up to the front of my house first, you are likely to spot the bright pink petunias hanging by my front window.

Since my guests were cautious about coming through my little house, we entered the garden from the side gate.

another hot pink flower - holly hock in the garden
I had been given some hollyhock seeds by a neighbour a few doors down, and I knew they had white, pale pink and a rosy pink, but I didn't know which varity would bloom first.

Of course, they don't bloom the first year they spring up. It is only the second year that they bloom, and I had pampered these through the winter by setting bags full of leaves around them to protect them from the most severe cold weather. So this year there are two plants blooming, but next year there may be a dozen!

You see, I had trouble having the strength to sow my garden in May, and although I'm feeling stronger now, I am facing the fact that in another year or two I may not be able to make a garden on my own steam. So my plan is to get as many perennials into the garden as possible. so that it might be a mostly self-care garden.

zinnas being choked by the morning glories
Here alongside the east garden, I have sown zinnias - which I now regret - as the morning glories have grabbed them with their vines and decided to climb up on the zinnias instead of the fence.

here's some blooming Malva - an herb that has many medicinal properties
Here, and scattered throughout the garden, are some Malva plants with pretty violet and white flowers. It turns out that Malva is an herb with many medicinal properties. So I will soon be harvesting the leaves, washing and drying them and putting them away in jars for teas, or to make ointments.

Do you see the two oblong green things closer to the ground? Those are squash. I thought I had sown pumpkin here, but they are all of the same family and squash makes a sweeter pumpkin pie than pumpkin does, so I'm not all that upset.

Ah, the Kaiser Kronen - my pride and joy!
Ah, the Kaiser Kronen, my pride and joy!

Kaiser Kronen (meaning, Emperor's Crowns) are Asian lilies that grow their flowers in crowns with all the flowers facing outward in a ring. The Saskatchewan Tiger Lily and the Star-gazer lilies always have just one lily per stem and it faces up to the sky. Mom had grown these on the east side of the house, and when I moved here, I transplanted some, bringing them with me. along with her peonies and irises. These have multiplied, especially the lilies, so that I have them in many corners of the garden and yard now.

in the foreground my favourite herb, summer savory
In the foreground you see a row of my favourite herb, summer savory, or as we used to call it at home, Papakrut.

potted petunias and geraniums on my back steps.
Here I have some potted petunias and geranuiums on the back steps. The green plant in the background is a citronella, reborn from the ones Gary gave me last year when he found Superstore loading up the last of their plants onto a truck to take to the dump. He rescued some for me! :)

on the other side of the same steps are more petunias and geraniums and basil
On the other side of the steps are more petunias, geraniums and basil.

Well, some of the photos I took on Sunday were fuzzy because of the wind, and some looked awkward because of facing into the glaring sun. So I went out on Monday morning, with a bright eastern sun and almost perfect calm, and I took another huge batch of photos. 22 in fact.

Are you tuckered out? Or would you be ready to see some more? All right...Then!

Off to the Monday Morning Garden Tour

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