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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
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So this site offers;
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Snowflake's Spring Ventures (2008)

A number of RoseBouquet friends have shown a real interest in my cat Snowflake, and I've been promising another photo story. I think we'll have enough pictures here for two or three short stories about - him.

Yes, a few weeks ago I had visitors and one of them pointed out that this cat was a he not a 'she'! What's more, if he was seven to eight months old, as I calculated, then it was high time to get him neuteured before he became sexually active. (I was told I would not enjoy the spraying if I delayed).

dragging out after surgeryI got on that the next week, and he had this surgery over at the animal hospital in the next block. I dropped him off with a new carrier in the morning and went back to pick him up at 2:30 in the afternoon.

I opened the carrier door, but Snowflake was still feeling rather groggy from the anesthetic. He crawled out very slowly, his head bobbing and his eyes unfocused.

But by 5 pm he was exploring his favourite spots around the house, and even leaping up to this window views at the front and back of the house.

aren't you coming?As I indicated in the previous Snowflake Photo Story, I had thought that when the hot summer comes, it would be a shame to leave Snowflake indoors while I went outside, and since he gazed so longingly out of the windows, I should prepare him for some outside time.

spring sniff -with harness and leashMy internet research showed that I should have a harness for the cat, with a leash (so I sewed him one) and I should train him gradually to know that putting it on meant he got to go outside.I worked at it as the spring weather warmed out outside, and he was willing to go after a few short trips to the porch first, then down on the ground while I ate my lunch in a lawn chair.

gradually bold enough to sniff out the soilAt first Snowflake trembled even while looking looking about alertly, then gradually, he began to explore the soil and nibble on the shepherd's purse herbs/weeds.

I've checked up on that, and apparently cats do like to eat grass and certain plants because they know instinctively that they will help clear their bowels of hairballs, and otherwise act as an internal cleanser. Must be of God, eh?

Oh, You Dirty Cat!

after a roll in the dirt!Imagine my chagrin and astonishment when Snowflake insisted on rolling in the dirt! Naturally I scolded him for that, but he seemed to think it a treat. He didn't have as much pride in his white coat as I!

When we got inside, I made an effort to get him to see what he looked like. I brought out a mirror and tried to get him to see what a mess he was. But Snowflake would have nothing to do with my mirror. I had to give up. However, a short while later he came into the living room, and was clean again. I can only assume he licked himself clean, and didn't need a mirror to tell whether he was complete about it or not.

Just look in the mirror! See how dirty you are!    Nope, don't care about any mirror.

Just this last week, (second last one in June) while I was watering my garden, I caught Snowflake loose and free of the harness and walking towards the door!

So I have declared him an indoor cat until I can get a harness that is escape proof.

Speaking of escaping....

I have a big cardboard box that I keep in my closet to keep Snowflake from nesting on my clothes; for the night I take it out and place it by the front door. One night a few weeks ago, while I was in the bathroom, Snowflake was exploring the box - as he has a good number of times. When I came back to the bedroom, I saw he had just crawled in, so for a joke I quickly closed the upper flaps, and set the box face down on the floor, upside down. There, I trapped you! I crowed smuggly.

escaping out of box I had not finished changing to bed clothes, when I saw his white arm sticking out of one of the holes I had cut in the box. I reached for my camera, but before it was ready to shoot, Snowflake had popped his head out the side from the bottom flaps (which were taped shut), and I was just in time to catch him oozing out - like a professional escape artist!

escaped! Done exploring that box.Escaped! Done exploring that box!

I have solved the problem of Snowflake waking me at night. The answer was so simple. I put him in the pantry or storage room off the kitchen and shut the door, and I don't wait until he has misbehaved. I do it before I go to bed. Now I get to sleep all through the night.

I should add, for those who know about his hyper-activity after his surgery - or rather, when I started giving him raw food, that he has calmed down considerably and spends more time napping. He still entertains himself well with a rubber band, or streaks like crazy from one end of the house to the other, but there are also times when he flops on his side and flakes out like he is exhausted.

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