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Our 2020 Garden Tour

I had invited a number of friends to come see my garden at its peak this past Sunday, August 9, 2020, but only a handful (5) showed up. I realize that it was short notice for most of them, and there where others living farther away, who would gladly have come, but the distance was a problem. So... I promised a photo Tour of my Garden.

I've prepared about three dozen photos, so this is going to stretch over several pages. This is why I'm using my website pages, even though I know the whole thing needs to be redesigned to be seen better on all sizes of electronic devices. (I'm working towards that, but it is not likely to happen to this site until next year). At least I know my way around here.

First let's do a review of some highlights and events in July that affected my garden.

my daisy field on the front yard
This was my daisy field on the front yard - which only lasts until about the end of July.
Now that patch looks rather ragged.

The same daisies as seen from my front door.
The same daisies as seen from my front door.

the garden made green with rambunctious weeds
This summer I've been plagued with many green and rambunctious weeds. It took me two weeks of sitting on a stool after supper and patiently pulling them out by hand from the front flowerbeds.

Then I moved to the garden and got the west side of the path done in one week. But I also discovered the very energetic purlsane, or "fatte hahn" as Dad called it, was thriving and smothering a number of rows of the herbs and vegetables that I had deliberately sown. But I checked online and found out that this plant is very healthy for us and there are all kinds of recipes for using it in our salads, soups, and for making teas. So I started picking those weeds into a separate pail to take in. I now have plenty stashed in my freezer for this winter!

5-6 minutes of hail in the garden on July 18th
On July 18th, just a little while after I'd attended my brother Ernie's marriage to Dorothee Riemer in Winnipeg - via Zoom, I was about to go out to do more weeding, when I watched beeds of hail clatter down on the garden, and fill many hollow places in just 5-6 minutes!

I changed my mind and stayed inside.

Later I took a walk through the garden and noticed that the big leaves of the zucchini and squash plants had been punctured by the sharp hail, but nothing was utterly destroyed.

the big Elm branch that fell on the garden
Just six days later, on a Friday afternoon, I heard a sharp crack (which I assumed came from somewhere on the street before me). I was busy, and decided not to get mixed in someone else's problem.

But after supper I wanted to dash out for a few groceries. When I came out the back door to go to my car, I stopped in my tracks. What's that big tree branch doing on the garden?

Almost right away, I felt that the loud crack I'd heard in the afternoon, must have been the branch breaking. I felt rather blank - what to do? Well, it looked like I could get around the tip of the branch near the neighbour's fence, so I went around it and went off for my shopping trip. I promptly forgot it.

When I got back to the garage, I quickly recalled the fallen branch and knew I had to think what to do about it. Especially, since it was hanging at the broken end, over the wires that came to my house from the big power pole in the ally. I managed to carry my groceries in, sat down to catch my breath, and then phoned cousin Gary. (It was Friday evening so I thought he might be back in the city if he'd been working on a job site elsewhere all week.)

Gary said he was still at work, but would come after 8:30. (Turns out he has a new job that pays better, but he has to stay on the job until 8 pm. six days a week.)

He tried to unhook the branch from the wires, but the step-stool I brought out was not tall enough. I reminded him of the ladder beside the house, so Gary got that, and was able to lean it against the trunk of the tree, and push the broken branch up and over the wires from there, using my rake.

He showed me a smaller branch near the top I could grab, and he took the heavier end, and we dragged it off the garden and closer to the tree.

It was dusk by now, so Gary promised to come on Sunday morning, his only day off, to cut up the big branch and take it away.

two day lilies, presenting one new lily each day.
Here are two day lilies in the garden, which present one new lily each day. (There used to be more).

3 of the 7 one-litre yogurt containers full of Saskatoons I put in the freezer the next day.
The next day I went to pick Saskatoons at a U-Pick farm north of the city. I got to pick some there two summers ago, but last summer I was curled up in my recliner recovering from the fracture in my lower back.

It happened that Wayne, a man who used to be on the WTM Board with me, has retired and is more available now. I'd mentioned to him that I was planning to pick Saskatoon. He said that couldn't follow directions very easily. Instead, could he come with me. Sure!

I invited my neighbour/friend, Rita, too. She'd just had a birthday and she was thrilled. This would make a wonderful Birthday gift for her! So the three of us went that Saturday morning.

Of course, I described the tree branch that had come down the day before. When we got back, Wayne wanted to see it. I told him that Gary was coming the next day, but Wayne thought if I had a saw he could take some of the smaller branches off the big branch.

I went into the basement and came back up with one of Dad's saws. Turned out it wasn't a wood-saw. Wayne decided to just see how many he could break off with his hands.

I called him in when I'd made a bit of a stir-fry lunch. Then he went back to work on that branch. But I was exhausted so I curled up on the recliner for a nap.

When I woke at 4 pm I went out to see how Wayne was doing. He was gone, and so were ALL the smaller branches on the larger longer one! He'd piled them up by the tent garage at the back. This made Gary's work the next day much easier and quicker. He brought his chain saw and made short work of that maybe...10-12 foot long branch.

Not only that, but all the branch pieces, and a number of bags of leaves and weeds that had piled up between the shed and the back fence were all gone too. God bless Gary!

There. That takes care of my July Garden stories.

Let's fast-forward to this past Sunday (August 9th) when I had invited a number of friends for a Garden Tour. (You know how you can say, "You should drop by some time," but people don't until you give them a specific invitation? Well, that's what I was trying to do, and I knew that if they didn't come soon the flowers would die off the vegetable and herb plants would start to brown off show that it was high time to harvest and to pull them up. However... I don't seem to have very good luck in throwing small informal parties. :)

Come to the Windy Sunday Garden Tour!

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