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Kevin and Jena's Wedding

A Photo Story

(Notice: there are quite a few photos, so this page may take a while to load on a slower computer).

Two summers ago, as Dad and I stopped in Calgary on our return from my niece's wedding in B.C., my cousin Kevin and I were observing how happily married his brother Robert and Linda were. Robert had asked for prayer that he find a good wife, and I had prayed too. So I asked Kevin whether we ought to pray that for him too. He was the last of the five brothers not married.

Kevin's simple, humble answer was, "Yes, please."

So I did. Every week when I prayed for Uncle Henry and Aunt Frieda's clan, I prayed for Kevin to find a good wife. I was thrilled when he emailed me last Thanksgiving to say he had proposed to Jena, a young woman he'd met as he tried out various churches, hunting.

It gave me great pleasure to attend this wedding. It was in Calgary, rather than in Victoria where her parents live. This put it into our reach.

Here are a few photos from that exciting day, on August 20, 2005.

Outside the church doors, I found Stan (the doctor) helping his brother Robert, (the best man) with his collar.

Inside the doors, Uncle Henry was giving Kevin, the groom, a fatherly word, most likely a blessing!

(Note: The Kroeker men are like pillars in Heaven; Kevin is the tallest at six feet and seven inches!)

We weren't to take photos until after the ceremony, so my first good close one of the bridal couple was as they walked out as Mr. and Mrs.

Their little attendants followed them out; Kevin's nieces, Rebecca and Miranda, with little Matthew, the ring-bearer, trailing behind.

We followed the wedding party and clan to the university grounds for the photo-shoot. I got my own candid and group shots, while keeping out of the way of the professional photographer and videographer, who did their work for at least an hour or more.

Here the flower girls were playing Ring-Around-the Rosie.

Stan took one of me with Uncle Henry and Aunt Frieda. I have the highest respect for these relatives, and the fine, godly sons they have raised, and the wonderful Christian homes each one of them has! It is marvellous!

I was the only cousin there, out of 36, on Kevin's Kroeker side. (There were a few more present from his mother's side).

I got some shots of them with all their grandkids, including the two Robert and Linda are adopting.

And then a view of the whole clan, including Jena, their newest member!

There was also a bit of clowning around (though I think the photographer suggested this); Kevin's four brothers showing support for their newest "sister."

Then it was off to the Reception at the Best Western.

Dad and I ended up on the same table as Uncle Henry and Aunt Frieda, and with Deanna (Glen's wife, and their children). Aunt Frieda was showing the kids how to blow bubbles! By the time it got to my side of the table the tiny bottle had spilled.

Ken the oldest brother, was the Master of Ceremonies, and kept a lively program going even while we enjoyed the fine dinner. Here his daughters presented their creative poem and scrapbook story of their Uncle Kevin and Jena's romance. (This included a 5-hour phone call!) Sarah was reading it at the mike, while Emily and Rebecca held their book up and turned the pages.

Uncle Henry has made a tradition of writing a life-story poem for each of his sons when they got married, and he didn't break it now, even though he is legally blind from Macular Degeneration. He told a funny story about a horse that "don't look so good," to explain this, and had Aunt Frieda read the poem for him.

They also sang for Jena and Kevin, a little love song they have often sung to each other over the years. It was about cuddling and snuggling up close.

They publically, lovingly welcomed Jena into their clan. (Jena just has besides her parents, one sister, her maid of honour, and a younger brother about 11).

By the way, Jena works at home, writing captioning for TV shows, and Kevin has one more year left in his nurse's training. He has already trained for a couple of other careers but had to give them up due to chemical allergies.

I ran out of film about the time of the cake-cutting, but Carol gave me another. It's not full yet.

I'd made arrangements to drive to Three Hills to spend the night with Dad's cousin Rose, so we left before the gift-opening, but we didn't get away until nearly 9 pm!

What a happy memory that whole weekend was, including the day before, and Sunday at Three Hills. I was very satisfied. Still, this is a good place to stop now. :)

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