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Come See My Garden Through May and June 2008

It seems I'm discussing my garden with friends by email again, and since there have been some interesting signs of growth over the last two months, and I've taken a few photos, I'm going to start another chronicle through this summer in photo stories.

This garden is much smaller than the one at Dad's place in Hague, but hey, things do grow here too. I have a feeling that over time it will take over my whole backyard just as the one in Hague did. :)

Okay, not having a rotortiller, I turned my garden soil over by spade this spring, doing a few rows of digs each day if I could manage it. I showed one photo of this on my blog in early May thought most of that digging was happening in April. I had tossed my compost on the garden all through the winter, and now had to turn it under, into the soil.

garden popping up in MayAbout mid-May I sowed my potatoes and then my vegetables. Gradually as I had time I managed to get some containers fixed up and sown too. I don't find any photos of that sowing stage on my computer, but then I started taking some as the plants began to pop up out of the dirt.

see the potato patch popping with new plants Here you see the potatoes are coming up. Wait until you see this patch again further down the page! These are Dad's favourite, the blue or actuallly purple-skinned potatoes. They have very white insides, and are good keepers through the winter.

notice how tiny these zucchini plants look? Not for long! Notice how tiny these zucchini plants look that are diagonally across this picture? Not for long! They need no coaxing. Those lines are but the shadows of the power lines overhead.

By the way, I also had lilacs blooming by my back door By the way, I also had lilacs blooming by my back door and at the back gate. They only last a few short weeks, but I got my nose full of their scent. It seems everyone around here has lilacs, and they do not all bloom at the same time. The ones in the park I walk through were at their best in June. They have just finished.

I used the old fridge for a container garden too The old fridge I found in this house, which had mold in the door, I had carried out and I turned it into a container garden. I'm hoping it will brim over with greenery by the end of the summer!

building a flower bed by burying compost Along that same east fence, I'm slowly building a flowerbed by burying my compost there, after supper each day. Already some potatoe peel has come up as a potato plant.

some more containers on the back steps Oh yes, I had some containers and eventually got some seeds into them too. Even a few onion sets. But now I can't recall just which seeds I sowed. I didn't write them down as I did for the garden, so it's a bit of a treat to go check them every day and see what's coming up. :)

Shall we turn south again and see how much the garden has grown by about early to mid-June?

The part of the garden under the tree in late May, to early JuneThis is the part of the garden under the tree in late May to early June. My green onions and chives and spinach and lettuce were doing fine. Just two of the dahlias have come up, and a few radishes.

early June garden growth

See how the zucchini has grown already? Things are looking good. Especially those potatoes at the south end of the garden! A few rows didn't come up, so I sowed something else in them. They will probably be later than the rest of the garden.

see that potato patch now!See that potato patch now, eh? I thought last week that it had not started blooming yet, but it has. This means that I should be eating fresh baby potatoes about my birthday at end end of July, just as I'm used to from Dad's potato crop.

3 raspberries survived out of 7Let me point out the three raspberry plants that are thriving - this is out of the seven I transplanted last year. But these will grow in about two more years, I'll have a good bunch of canes to pick from.

Notice too, how much larger the zucchini plants are already?

Yes, I should be eating from this garden in a few weeks. That is, more than a pinch of chives, or a handful of lettuce and another of spinach.

Oh just a minute. We want to go see the flower beds at the front too, don't we?

Okay, we take this narrow path beside the house which is rich with plantain right now!path around west side of house (You will also notice my buckets set out to catch the drips from the roof, as the eavestroughs fail to do their duty. Oh, for when the RRAP money comes through!)

here's the flowerbed around the front, greening up.Here the flowerbeds around the front are greening up.

the lily of the valley that was blooming here last year when I got this house has bloomed again!The lily of the valley that was blooming here last year when I got this house has bloomed again!

Now here's a lovely surprise - the tree we cut down in November leafing out"Now here's a lovely surprise - the tree we cut down in November leafing out! That tree was rubbing on the roof last November so neighbour Joe and I took it down, but we left the stump about four feet up out of the ground. I guess I was thinking of hanging planters on it. Well, look at it now! It's leafing out so green and bushy, I'm sure I'll have a fine tree there yet. It's going to do it's part to hide that shabby window this summer!

I have a few containers for flowers at the front steps too, but they got a later start, so there isn't a lot to see there yet.

comfrey and diasies by front stepsMy comfrey (herb) and daisies by front steps are looking good right now too. I've harvested some mint as well, but I guess I don't have a photo ready for that today.

Well, all this takes longer to prepare than for you to see! Hopefully I'll be able to give you another tour in a month or two to show you the progress. It's so much fun watching plants grow and bear fruit or flowers.

If you want to see more garden tours from back in my Hague days, go to the index on my Author's Patio

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