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Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

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My Garden Through July and Early August 2008

Wow! What a difference three or four weeks can make!

Ready for a quick tour? Maybe you want to visit the previous photo page for comparison. That's the Garden in June

Today we'll start at the front of the house.
the front flower beds in July have filled out

The front flower beds have filled out in July. Notice especially that stump of a tree to the left. Yes, where is it? Under all those big branches and leaves! It has has a tremendous growth spurt.

brave impatients blooming under the big leaves In fact, in the hanging planter I've planted a stem from the teapot of impatients I got from Shirley on June 1. It was doing so well, I thought I might spare a bit for this planter. Well the tree (not sure what it is) has spread out such large branches and leaves, the impatients has to be very brave to bloom under all that shade.

my very healhy comfrey plant

At the side of the steps is my very healthy comfrey plant. It's a herb I got in Hague from a neighbour, and I'm just beginning to discover all its benefits. I should try to multiply it soon. (When I have time).

look at all that fresh mint!

Just around the corner of the house, and the curve of the flowerbed, you'll find a lovely, wondrous crowd of mint coming up! I've already harvested the upper portion of the stems a couple of times and am taking another picking almost every week. I dry the mint and put it into jars to use for making mint tea. I'm so pleased with my mint! It fills in the flowerbeds nicely too.

Now, let's go around to the back garden. You'll be surprised at the growth.

See how the garden has filled out

See how much the garden filled out from June? I'll show you the view in early August in a few moments. There's hardly any dirt visible any more.

a close up of the veggie rows

Here's a closeup of the veggie rows in July. That's broccoli in the front, then cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini.

the neighbours were commenting on my potatoes a few weeks ago

The neighbours and friends were commenting on my potatoes a few weeks ago. They got bigger since then.

view from the car at the back of the yard

The view from the car at the back of the yard. I used to make fun of my parents wanting to put the whole back yard into garden and give up a lawn altogether, but I like this view so much, that if I can get the east side of the path rotortilled too, I'll gladly make that into garden as well. Maybe mostly flowers. Since I don't have a mower I am dependent on my neighbours to mow the lawn for me.

Let's move up the east side for a closer look there....

what are those white flowers? I've been digging up a flowerbed along the fence when I come out to bury my compost. Some things have been popping up there, like potatoes from the peelings, etc., but what is this plant with the white flowers? I don't recognize that as something I deliberately planted. I think it is lovely, but am leaving it there to determine what it is. (I did pull up a horse raddish that crept in from the other side of the fence).

fridge container garden

Remember that fridge I had put out on its back last year? Well look at the luscious potatoes and tomatoes growing in it!

yesterday (Aug) I found these white lavateria beside the fridge

Just yesterday I found these white Lavateria beside the fridge. Usually these flowers come in pinks, but a few years ago, I had some white ones come up and I saved their seeds, so now I can have white ones when I sow them.

Glancing up at the back steps, you'll notice....

spy the morning glory?

the growth in the crock planters. There's morning glories in the upper crock, and they are beginning to twine around the rails, and even bloom!

garden view just yesterday - August 4

Here's the view of the garden just yesterday - August 4. Notice that now the zucchini is at least waist high! I've already eaten one, and expect to pick a bunch to share at the office soon.

these giant zucchini leaves come almost as high as the fence

These giant zucchini leaves come almost as high as the fence!

here's a peek under those zucchini leaves

Here's a peek under those zucchini leaves. Might be hard to tell but among all those thick stems for the leaves are a cluster of small zucchini. They will be growing by leaps and bounds over the next few weeks!

little green tomatoes

I sowed some very old tomato seeds that Mom had saved. It was a slow start this spring, but now I have two rows of tomatoes that are vying with the zucchini for height, and are starting to have little green tomatos on them! I'm hoping for a nice large bumper crop!

do you spy the melons?

Do you spy those two melons there? I thought I had sown some of Uncle John's "Sugar Baby" watermelons. Then they didn't seem to come up so I sowed some mystery seeds (no label). Right now I'm not totally sure whethere I have some watermelon here after all, or just another kind of melon. It's hard to tell when they are so light green/yellow. Believe me, I'm keeping an eye on them, and checking for more. :)

where I dug up purple potatoes on Saturday

This is where I dug up more than two hands full of potatoes from one plant on Saturday. I didn't take a photo then, and am tempted to dash out and dig up another just so I can add a photo of those lovely purple potatoes, but ...(sigh!) ... this has taken me much longer than it was suppose to. So for just now, I'll let it go. Maybe I can add one later, or to the next photo story of my garden.

In fact, I need to go rustle up some lunch. I'm getting hungry!

If you want to see more garden tours from back in my Hague days, go to the index on my Author's Patio

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