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Family Moments

Last week, Sept. 20-23, 2006, we had some rather brief visits from my nephew, Jasel and his girlfriend, Riah, and from Jalise and Byron, and Calvin and Elise. They came to attend the funeral of their other Grandpa/Great-Grandpa Bill Peters, of Rosthern. Dad and I attended the funeral too, and when I saw that we wouldn't have much time with them, I insisted on a group photo to prove they had really been here. We did it right beside the Mennonite Church in Rosthern.

Dad with 3 generations (Elsie missing) of our B.C. kids
Dad with 3 generations (Elsie would have made it four) of our B.C. kids; Byron, holding Elise, Jalise, Dad, Jasel holding Calvin, and Riah.

Same group, Riah taking photo instead of me.
Same group, but with Riah taking photo instead of me.

Jasel, our architect, and his new girlfriend, Riah.
Jasel, our architect, and his new girlfriend, Riah

At home Saturday evening with Jalise and their kids. (Byron had enough of crowds).
At home Saturday evening with Jalise and their kids. (Byron had enough of crowds)

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