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Dad's 88th Birthday Trip to the Kanigan Alpaca Farm

February 20, 2004

(If you have a slow computer, please be patient as these photos appear).

Jona, (Dad's friend), Dad, and our host, Cecil Kanigan,
introducing us to the alpacas.

Jona, (Dad's friend), Dad, and I
among the alpacas
Jona, Dad, and I, among the alpacas on Dad's birthday.

Here we're feeling their luscious and deep pile "fibre"
It has no lanolin like sheep wool does,
and is said to be the softest fibre in the world.

Alpacas are very friendly and easily affectionate.
They keep murmuring as if they are making conversation...

Here Dad got a spontaneous birthday kiss from one of the alpacas!

Cecil Kanigan invited us inside the house for coffee -
and to see some things made with the alpaca fibres.

Dad laid the alpaca pullover sweater in front of his chest, is holding upright the darling teddy bear made of fibre from a baby (cria) alpaca. (and there are knitted alpaca socks under the teddy too).

We enjoyed our visit to the Kanigan Alpaca Farm immensely, and want to take this opportunity to publically thank Cecil Kanigan, for being such a gracious and generous host. The carrot cake was delicious!

Dad is thrilled too, that when he mentioned the alpaca manure would make a good compost, Cecil shoveled two garbage bags full for his garden.

(Cecil would love to get regular customers for that manure, which the alpacas drop in neat little bathroom spots. Call them at 306-944-4914).

Now Dad tried out some of the fibre in his self-designed spinning wheel...! One thing leads to another, eh?

My Dad holding the very soft and
lovely white teddy bear made from the hide of a baby alpaca (known as criea)

Dad holding up for the camera, the oh-so downy soft teddy bear made from the hide of a baby alpaca (known as cria), which often die young in South America where Alpacas once roamed on high mountain plateaus with the Incas. The mortality rate is much worse there because of lack of nutrition in the wild.

Dad is also holding against this chest the pullover sweater made of alpaca fibre, that he often remembers now.

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