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Moving with a Loaned Trailer

God is so resourceful! When I moved back to my parents' home in 1983 I shipped 64 boxes of stuff by railway. All my possessions were reduced to just those sturdy Philips boxes. But now, nearly 24 years later, my possessions have increased to the point where it takes me more than three weeks to move.

I have filled my car countless times since June 1, but on the 19th we filled three truck boxes, and 5 vehicles. Joe and Penny and Stan and Tracey came with their vehicles for another load later that week. The following week, Joe and his young friend Caleb met me there again, and we brought out the upright freezer. As you see here, it was not easy!

getting the upright freezer up the stairs from the basement took 3 men
Getting the freezer up the stairs from the basement took three me. I called Larry from next door to help too, when Joe and Caleb got stuck on the stairs.

reaching the top of the stairs
With Dad's moving straps and three strong men, they got it up to the top of the stairs. Now to negotiate the doors to get to the ramp in the garage.

ah-ha! Got the freezer outside!
Ah-ha! They've got the freezer outside!

It was at that time though that Larry saw how much I still needed to move out of the basement. So when I arrived alone again the next day to work at cleaning and taking away as much as I could... Larry, and his wife Elsie, made me an offer.

You see, Larry is in construction, and has his tools packed in a big white covered trailer, so he can take them all from one site to another. He had just bought himself a newer, bigger trailer, and he was planning to move his tools over that day. he offered to park the old trailer in front of our house, and I could load it at my liesure. When it was full I should let him know and he'd bring it to the city for me.

Wow! eh?!! I was not about to turn that offer down!

the trailer Larry loaned to me - what a neighbour!
In the afternoon I slipped around the corner to the funeral for a dear old friend, Mr. Jacob E. Friesen, who had turned 101 on May 30. When I got back, Larry had the trailer parked and ready for me.

I started loading it...
So I quickly changed back to my work clothes, and began to load the trailer. I took breaks when necessary, but loaded until about 11 p.m.

getting fuller on Tuesday
I had stuff to do here in the city on Monday, but went back to load all day Tuesday. See the front end is filling up.

Elsie's trunk waiting for a helper
On Wednesday morning I managed to get Elsie's trunk on a wheeled creeper, and out to the sidewalk. But then I let it stand there until someone would come along to help. Later in the afternoon, my other neighbour, Jake Sawatsky, came over to help lift it into the trailer.

finally, about 6:30 the trailer was full
Finally, about 6:30 p.m. the trailer was full. Well, I could have squeezed in some more, but I had promised to be back at the city for a client...

so I closed the doors and locked the padlock
So I closed the doors and locked it with the padlock. Elsie knew it was full, and promised Larry would bring it the next morning to me.

Here is the trailer in my back yard
Here is the trailer in my back yard. Larry called on his mid-morning break and asked for directions to bring it to me. He carefully backed it into my back yard, and told me I didn't have to hurry to unload.

I checked to make sure everything was in place, nothing seemed to have stirred from where I placed it. I took out the crocks with the plants, and then locked it again, to focus on the preparations for the auction the next day.

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Dad's Estate Auction - July 6, 2007

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