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Painting and Papering in my New Home

If you want to see a house transformed, you almost have to be prepared to see the ugly stages so that you can appreciate the work that is accomplished afterward. Fortunately for you, it usually wasn't convenient, or my hands were full of paint when I thought of taking shots of the worst scenes. Here's some before shots though, to give you an idea.

I should add that last week, on Monday morning Jona picked up Dad's rotortiller here, and brought it to my place in the city on his small truck, and tilled a small garden plot and flower bed for me out of the raw prairie soil. I helped by scattering peat moss on the ground behind him. My friend Kathy came to help deep clean the living room. I've transplanted some prennials, and then buckled down to getting the house livable.

The first stage of course, is to clean thoroughly and plaster up holes. I did that last week.

This is the living room in that plastering stage
This is the living room in that plastering stage

rose paint in the bedroom
Then, using the paints I found at home in Dad's workshop, I painted two walls in the bedroom a rose pink. (The long east wall in the living room, I painted a mauve - which looks grey in some lights).

tiny rosebuds on the one bedroom wall
Helen Klassen from Western Tract Mission came on Saturday and we started in with the wallpapers. There was just enough of these tiny rosebuds for one wall in the bedroom. On the other wall we put some motled pink/mauve/blue paper. (Unfortunately the glare from the window makes it impossible to see in my photo).

patching paper around window and door in living room makes a difference
Jona had given me two bags of wallpaper to add to what I'd saved and got from my sister, Elsie. After Helen left I got started alone papering the living room, and felt immediately like it was making a difference. (I kept thinking of Mom Blissett's way of calling me a "one-armed paper-hanger" when referring to my busy-ness, but hey, it worked!)

Monday morning I finished the living room and dining corner
This Monday morning I finished the far wall in pale green/beige satin stripes. That will be my dining room nook, with a table for two.

suddenly my wall of books are packed
Sunday night Jona called, and I asked him to show me how to unscrew the screws in the brackets on my book shelves in my bedroom here in Hague. He came over, and soon was pulling them right quick. I had to hurry to pull books off the shelves and into boxes to keep ahead of him. Presto! In no time that wall was naked! And my room is cluttered with boxes. :)

my shelves and long stuff in car trick
I've been taking along a car load of stuff each day, and so Monday morning I had those shelves and the brackets loaded. You see here that I've found a trick for loading long items. I bring the front passenger seat back as far as it goes, and set it to a recline position. That allows me to get 6 1/2 feet boards into the car!

Time to tackle the kitchen this week!

I usually save the kitchen for last when I clean, and I think I was dreading this a bit. But it was worse than I'd thought!

mouse droppings Just towards the end I remembered that I should be taking photos. These mouse droppings are minor compared to the YUK I found up on the top shelves of most of the cabinets on three walls of the kitchen. Mouse holes in the plaster walls are 1-2 inches across! I used a scraper to scrap up the worst first, and then scrubbed down, changing water often, and throwing out each rag once it got bad.

I've made cute stuffed mice as toys before, but I'm NOT about to share my abode with live mice! I have declared war on them! I want new cabinets eventually, but for now I will clean super thoroughly, and close holes, and set out poison.

painting the cabinets clean What I thought would take one afternoon, has taken two, but yesterday I was finally ready and started painting the inside of the cabinets. Since there was plenty of that mauve in Dad's stash of paints, that's what's going in there! (I let Joe take a couple of me up to my elbows in paint).

painting clean - and ugly walls

this view shows the wall behind the stove, which really needs useful cabinets, but I've decided since I don't have any one batch of suitable wallpaper for the kitchen, I'm going to create a patchwork blanket effect, with pieces from my sample books and what I have.

Now yesterday, Joe arrived just about lunch time, and wanted to go to ReStore (Habitat for Humanities' second hand dump store) for windows for me. I decided to go too, and if we found something suitable, I'd buy it right away. We couldn't find windows of the right size, but found both a much better screen door for the back, and a better inner door into the kitchen. And some bi-fold doors for book shelves.

Joe is installing the screen door.
Here Joe is installing the screen door. Turned out the door frame was all out of shape, so he restructured it to fit the door!

the new screen door from the inside
This is how the new screen door looks from the inside.

see the difference in the screen doors?
Although there is a shadow over the newly installed screen door, you can see the old one leaning against the deck wall, and over the water meter. What a difference, eh?

the inner back door to be replaced
This is the inner back door, which Joe will likely replace today with the other one I bought yesterday.

fridge -cum-planter
Last week I had this fridge (with mold in the door!) set out here for a planter. Once I can get a bale of straw from a farmer, I'll fix it up to grow melons, etc. and it will be festooned with vines this summer.

backyard view as of yestesrday - June 12
This is the backyard view - towards the house - as of yesterday - June 12.

Now it is time to get back out there and finish my painting of the kitchen.

If all goes well, and friends come out of the woodwork to help with the moving, I hope to be moving in there this coming weekend, or early next week. The work will NOT all be done, but the paint fumes will evaporate, and at least the main rooms will be livable.

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