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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

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Moving In Day at 903 23rd Street

I spent Monday here, cleaning up from my painting in the kitchen on Saturday, and putting paints and tools and messes away. Mosting down into the basement. All in preparation for Tuesday, my moving day.

the paints in the front porch to clean up
The paints in the front porch to clean up.

paints and tools carried down to the basement
Paints and tools carired down to the basement (not all yet!)

Then I drove back to the house in Hague to do my last packing and spend the night.

Oh look the peonies and daisies are blooming!
Oh look the peonies and daisies are blooming!

and the irises too
And the irises too!

by midnight I had my desk stuff all packed, ready to go
By midnight I had my desk stuff all packed, ready to go. Then I went to the kitchen and realized I still need to pack more there. I packed until I ran out of boxes and my tail was dragging at 1:30 am. So I went to bed.

Pastor Darryl said he had phoned some people and told them to be there by 9 am. I wanted to load my computers and printers in my car before they came so I had to push myself to get moving in the morning.

Darryl came with his green truck at 9 am. He was followed shortly by Abe and Tena Ens with their van, then Darryl's brothers Kell and Gord Neudorf came too. The Youth Pastor Brent Klassen and his dad, Ed Klassen came, and even Pastor Henry Janzen came for a while, although he was suppose to be at a funeral by 11 am. Also Tena Neudorf arrived.

I pointed out which things in each room were to GO, - and they began to carry out things steadily! I could hardly keep up with all the activity. After a while I remembered to snap a few quick shots.

Loading the trucks - I believe we loaded three
Loading the trucks, - I believe we loaded three, Darryl's, Gord's and Kell's.

We also loaded 4 cars and a van
We also loaded four cars and a van (Abe is trying to avoid the camera).

tying down the load on Kell's truck
Tying down the load on Kell's truck.

In an hour and a half, they had cleared out most of the main floor and most of my long room downstairs. I was going to hand spare keys to the first vehicle to take off, but suddnly found everyone leaving and me, the last one out of the door. So I just followed to the city.

We had NOT got it all. There's still the deep freeze, a small table, desk, deacon's bench, bookshelf, chest of drawers, and many boxes yet to come!

Joe installing the new door - with lock and deadbolt
Upon arrival, we discovered Joe and Arnold installing my strong new back door!

About half an hour later, they had carried it all into my little house, except for Tena Ens's van, (she had stopped at home to check on a sump pump), and my car which I left until the evening.

Here's most of them on the lawn, discussing where to go for lunch
Here's most of them on the lawn, discussion where to go for lunch. (Left to right: Darryl, not sure who is behind him, likely Brent, Gord, his wife Donna, whom he picked up on the way, Tena Neudorf, and Ed Klassen). Tena suggested the Granada Restaurant across my back alley, and offered to cover my lunch. I went inside to ask Joe to tell Tena Ens when she arrived to come join us for lunch first - we'd unload her van later.

My, that Granada Family Restaurant is a nice place. A little pricey for me, but a great place to take out of town guests!

Tena Ens did join us and afterwards we unloaded her van.

After they all left; now where to start?!!

Can you see a bed in the bedroom at all
Can you see a bed in the bedroom under all that stuff?

the living room - no sign of the far door, eh
A view of the living room - no sign of the far door, eh?

But then, at 3:30, the Lord sent Tracey Neudorf, also from our church, who had offered last week to come help on Tuesday. I had no idea then - just how much I'd need her! (She'd just sent a teen daughter off on a summer missions trip and she needed to be distracted).

Dear blessed Tracey, graciously carried down every box I looked into and declared to be archival - stuff I wanted to store in the basment. But how, I wished we'd brought along the shelf units Dad and build in the basement back in Hague! But the huge heap in the living room that the Neudorf brothers teased me would crowd me right out of my house began to disappear.

storage room - starting to fill the shelf unit
The storage room, starting to fill the shelf unit.

My first goal was to find the boxes of food and get them back into the fridge. Other kitchen stuff I sorted into the cupboards too. But I went slower all the time. By evening I had cleared enough space off the desk units to bring my car to the door and unload the computers and whatever else was there. Joe and Penny got back from their evening out in time to carry in the last two heavy boxes for me.

I praise God for such good neighbours!

I was very much ready for bed. Penny helped me find it and make it up with sheets, etc. I was in bed by 10:40 for a change instead of 1:30 am., as I've been doing the last while.

It was also a new bed for me. One Mom had ordered for herself some 12-15 years ago, just before we had to get a hospital bed for her. She never really slept in it. Only a few guests ever have. (My old bed was Gra'ma Kroeker's and has developed some serious spring squeaks over the years).

The next morning (today) and what was left to tackle.
This morning, feeling stiff and very slow, I wandered around looking at what was left to tackle.

I knew I was not in any shape to go back for another load today, and decided to have a slower day to rest up before having another moving day.

See, now you can tell there's a bed there. I slept well on it too!
See, now you can tell there's a bed there. I slept well on it too!

I began to clean up and unpack this box, then that one. Suddenly Laura Hildebrand arrived. Oh right, she'd promised to come help put my books on the shelves. And she did quite a few. As the boxes emptied, she put them in the front porch, so the living room began to look more spacious.

After 1 pm., Joe and Arnold arrived from the WTM, where they had stayed for a birthday lunch with the staff, and they came to help me sort out my desk configuration. What a blessing!

They patiently tried the one I first suggested. When we could see that wouldn't work, they suggested some others, and tried those. Eventually they suggested I move my living room cluster idea back behind the office section.

Yes, I'd meant to have a cluster of three comfy chairs around a trunk at the window and call that my living room. Obviously, that wasn't going to work.

By moving the modular desk units in a U shape at the window end of the room, we got a whole lot more space for the chairs back near the dining suite.

The desk configuration we finally settled on as the best.
The desk configuration we finally settled on as the best.

They fixed a couple of other things and then left. So I decided to sort out my computer cables, and try to get started on this photo story.

All at once Martha Hamm, another friend from church arrived. She was willing to help too. So I set her to finish packing books onto the shelves and taking more boxes down to the basement where they are to be stored. (Again, I think my next urgent need is for the shelf units down there!)

When I discovered, (finally!) under my desk, the box with the cutlery and kitchen towels, she went to put them away in the kitchen.

My new office as of late this afternoon
My new office as of late this afternoon.

the bookshelves
The bookshelves filling up.

looking from the door to the back
Looking from the door to the back.

the start of my living room cluster
The start of my living room cluster. The other part of the recliner is yet to arrive. Penny came in and we sat to chat until Joe, who was making their supper, arrived with a plate full for me. Yumm! He's a great cook!

Tracey called and she and Stan are willing to meet me at the house in Hague at 6 pm. tomorrow night to get my cabinets with mirrors. Joe and Penny will come too, with their trailer behind the truck, and we'll load up a whole bunch more!

Here I am nodding off as I work on this photo story page.
"Here I am nodding off as I work on this photo story page.

But I've enjoyed a good supper, two large hamburgers smoothered in onions, green peppers, and mushrooms, and some cucumbers and dill pickles. Very filling! Plus I've been blessed with one friend after another coming to help out. Another good night's sleep, and I'll be ready to bring in a bunch of more stuff to sort!

P.S. Believe me, I KNOW there is still lots to do here to make my "nest" comfortable and winsome. What you've seen here is not the final view. I just wanted to show the changes that has happened in a mere day! :)

But this is enough journalling for this week. Or at least tonight.

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