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Continuing to Move into My New Home

Last week Tuesday's moving day wasn't the end. There's still more to come!

Let's pick up the saga on Thursday night of last week. Joe and Penny agreed to come too with their small truck and trailer. They followed me to the house in Hague. Stan and Tracey Neudorf and their teen-age son Cole arrived shortly after with their Suburban, which allows the back seat to be laid flat making more cushy cargo space. We focused on the bathroom cabinets (with mirrors), and other shelving units that we could knock apart and reassemble at my place. I also packed my clothes in large clear garbage bags, and we loaded down my car with those.

Then we traveled back to Saskatoon. Here the men, Joe and Stan worked up a sweat as they installed the smaller cabinet in the bathroom, and the two larger pieces in my bedroom.

Joe working to install my bathroom cabinet
Holding and turning screws in, even wtih a power drill, can be hard work.

Stan and Joe had to work together to get it in place.
Stan and Joe had to work together to get it in place.

Tracey and Cole carefully carrying the other shelf unit parts down into the basement
Tracey and Cole carefully carrying the other shelf unit parts down into the basement.

Tracey caught Cole and me resting in the living-dining area
"Tracey caught Cole and me resting in the living-dining area.

Stacking empty boxes in the front porch
Of course, as I unpacked and unpacked, the stack of empty boxes in the porch grew and grew again.

On Saturday morning our Western Tract Mission (with whom I am now an official missionary) had our fundraising walk-jog-cycle for Jesus along the Meewasin Trail along the large, and now high, Saskatchewan River that runs through Saskatoon. As usual I was busy taking photos for our web site and Reflections until the walkers were off on the trail. Then I went on to the barbecue picnic area in the Kinsmen Park where they were to end up for barbecued farmer's sausage on a bun, watermelon and cake.

We raised over $5000 for our Blitz Campaign!

The crowd that participated in the Walkathon - except for Doug
The crowd that participated in the Walkathon - except for Doug Jenkins, who took this shot. (I'm on the far right).

After showing my house to two men who are interested in small renovational projects, I kept an appointment to do an interview for an article, and then packed up to head out to Hague, where I cleaned up as much as I could all evening. At 11 p.m. I heard the fire works outside, so went out to watch over top the neighbour's house. Quite impressive! (It was the day Hague chose to celebrate our Canada's birthday; this is so folks can be free on the long weekend to go do their own family events. I'd missed the morning parade and other sports events, etc).

Sunday afternoon I loaded up the car again. Jona helped me take the legs off the small kitchen chair, so we could get it into my trunk. I also dug up some volunteering plants in the garden to transplant over here.

Here's the kitchen table squeezed between the door and the fridge.
Here's the kitchen table squeezed between the door and the fridge. Makes a bright breakfast nook.

The volunteer watermelons I transplanted into the old fridge
The volunteer watermelons I transplanted into the old fridge. Normally, you read that watermelon don't transplant well, but these seem to be thriving after Monday's soaker rainy day.

In fact, that rain hindered me from sowing my garden, AND in the living room I got a leaking ceiling!

buckets lined up to catch the raindrops
Here I've lined up a row of ice cream pails to catch the drips from the ceiling. Notice that bits of plaster and paint are falling too. So we know the roof needs to be fixed pretty soon!

However, Archie said Saturday that I need a new water heater as a top priority. It is leaking too, and could burst at any time. He's been shopping around for one for me.

Another electrician from our church dropped by yesterday and he showed me how to turn off all the water to the house in a hurry if it should start gushing. Good thing to know! :) He also took note of some other wiring matters that need to be looked after, and he'll do that for me.

Today the sun is shining though - praise the Lord - so as soon as I have this finished I want to go out there and sow my garden! Here's some glimpses of how it looks now.

garden at the north end, near the house.
This is the garden at the north end, nearest the house. You may not be able to make out the two volunteer lettuce plants I transplanted on Sunday. Up against the fence are three raspberry plants I also brought over. In the shade under the tree are my dahlias coming up! I only had enough roots for about 8 plants, but they will multiply by fall. Oh, there's also a few cucumber plants I found on Sunday, and one calendula plant. (The one I make my ointments from).

The full garden looking to the south. Potatoes coming up at the far end
The full garden looking to the south. Potatoes are coming up at the far end.

Let's see how much this garden plot changes over the summer despite the fact that I'm sowing it only on the 27th of June!

Tomorrow night some College and Career age young people are coming over to help me paper the kitchen, and on the weekend I'm going back to Hague (sigh) for two funerals, and more packing and cleaning. Next week Friday is the auction sale. All this activity HAS to wind up after that. I hope!

I am so-o terribly backlogged with emails! It's going to take a week of nothing else to catch up! But God has been so good through all this, bringing in friends, and funds even though I'm not working at earning money just yet - I simply dare not complain. I will persevere until this transition stage is all done and experienced to the full.

I might add that Joe has introduced me to Christian internet radio. (I can't get my regular favourite station from here somehow). I really like this much better. What a lovely atmosphere it makes in my home!

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