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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
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The Gift of a Garden Shed

Friends of mine, Helen and Wendell, from Western Tract Mission needed to clear out a shed from their back yard to make room, (and follow city ordances) for a garage. They asked me a few weeks ago, whether I'd like to have a small garden shed for free.

Once I'd had a look at it, I was happy to say yes. It needs a coat of paint - or two or three - on the outside, but it is rain-proof, and will be a great place to stash my garden tools, outdoor ladders, and the scrap lumber I salvaged from Dad's stock for repairs needed around here. It even comes with peg boards on the wall to hang things, an inside light, and a few shelves. They've thrown the paddlock and keys in with it too, and a bale of peat moss they had inside.

They were waiting for a friend with a low trailer to have time to deliver it to me, but yesterday Helen called and said they were hiring a driver with a flatbed truck to deliver it to me. Was I ready? :)

Here's the truck with the shed
Here's the truck with the shed arriving in the back alley. I had already unlocked the broken gate and opened it wide.

Oh-oh! He took out the broken gate post.
The driver stationed Wendell on one side and me on the other to watch and shout to him as he backed up into my gate way. Suddenly Wendell was shouting on the other side, and I heard a crunch. I had to go all around the front of the truck and come in through a smaller gate.

Oh-oh! He did take down that broken gate post! Well, I told him, now for sure I should be okayed for a new gate when that gov't inspector comes.

Here the shed is slidding down the deck bed
Once the driver had determined where I'd like the shed, he undid the woven straps, and controlled some levers beside the flatbed and the shed slowly slid down to the back.

Using fulcrum logs he finished unloading it.
Using fulcrum principles with some fence post logs and 4x4s, the driver eased the shed off the truck and onto the ground.

sliding off the last few inches
Sliding off the last few inches. It just needed to have the rear swung over about a foot or two to make it stand straight. The driver tried and suggested I have four strong friends over for coffee.

However, Joe and Penny Homontowski, my good neighbours, who also work at Western Tract Mission arrived just then, and in no time, with Joe's car jack, we had the shed in place.

Wendell gave me the keys for the paddlock and we had a look inside.

inside the shed, looking to left
Here's a peek into the left.

glancing to the right
Glancing to the right.

Now I guess I'll allow it to sit there until Saturday when I may have a teen girl come, who wants to help me, and we'll fill it with stuff, and if I can find enough paint, paint it at least one coat.

I'll try to remember to add another photo or two when that is done. But for now, let me say a big "Thank you" to Wendell and Helen Klassen! A week later:

Here's how Chelsea and I painted the shed clean on Saturday, September 15.

The shed, viewed across the length of the garden
The shed, viewed across the length of the garden.

Here's a close up of the shed needing a facelift if it's to be mine.
Here's a close up of the shed needing a facelift if it's to be mine. Fortunately I still have some of Dad's paints left over.

The shed with a new look!
The shed with a new look! I'm grateful to Chelsea for coming to help me paint it. Otherwise it might have taken me a series of Saturdays on my own. We gave it two coats with the stain, which looked silver when wet, but dried a grey. The green paint was rather lumpy, but it seems to have done the job.

I carried quite a bit of stuff into the shed already, but have more to bring in this week Saturday. As well as harvesting my potatoes and squash.

The dahlia roots need to be dug up and put away before they get frozen too. I had only 5 or 6 to plant this year. Now I should have 10 or more!

Just wait until next summer! I'm brimming with anticipation!

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