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2015 - Early Garden in May - June

I've put more than month into my garden already, and though it is far from full-grown, there are interesting plants blooming here and there. So I thought I might give you a chance to visit my 2015 early May - June stages of my garden and front yard.

re-seeded garden about mid-June

Especially, since I've been hurrying home after office hours to change and spade up another corner and so more flowers, - or, as it happened yesterday, I saw a neighbour had hung out bags of her day lilies on the picket fence for anyone to help themselves. Of course, I did! But that meant about 2 hours work, getting just two bags of the lilies planted. I only remembered at the last moment this morning to take a picture of the ones in the back. The front ones will have to be another time.

My neighbour tilled my garden one day in early May when I was at work. I didn't start seeding it until the Victoria Day weekend. But that seems to have been too early as we had some nights with frost, and when I saw 3-4 weeks later that not everything was coming up, I ended up re-seeding a lot of it. Notice the freshly made rows.

lemon cucumbers and morning glories

Some of the first plants to come up were the lemon cucumbers (suppose to be round and yellow as lemons!) and the morning glories, where the seed was scattered throughout the garden by the rotertiller. A lot of those green spots in the dirt are morning glories. Yes, I do now weed them out.

morning glories only allowed at the fence

In fact, though I love morning glory flowers, I have hardened myself to weed them back so that I only let them grow near the fence. Anywhere else, and I hack them off with the hoe, or pull them up by hand.

Right, my morning glories are only allowed at the fence. And they are very eager to grow tall enough to climb it!

beans in front of the car

The beans had no problem popping up there in front of the car. They are breaking into bloom in the next day or two as well.

Actually, there was a row of heather seeded at first directly in front of the car's front bumper, but there has been no sign of it, so I've seeded some large lemon marigolds and am waiting to see if they show up.

one of the irises

The irises were later than usual, I thought, and when they were blooming I was busy, so I missed getting many photos of them. just this one to really remember them by.

neighbour's wild Canadian thistles

My neighbours have moved away, and that house on the east is for sale. So no one is paying attention to the Canadian thistles growing wild between the garage and the back alley fence. (I'm tempted to go into their yard and deal with them myself, because they keep creeping under the fence to my side!)

close up of thistles' pom pom flowers

The thistles started to bloom this past weekend with this huge purple/mauve pom pom flowers. I thought I'd show them to you before I declare war on them.

petunias planted in containers on the back step

I bought some petunias and planted some in these containers on the back steps, and also in the front yard, and under the big tree, but these seem to be doing best. Hopefully later on, these containers will be FULL of petunias.

I've also seeded some and they are much slower, but since I discovered the seeded ones under the squash last fall, I've decided to try sowing them like other flowers and see how they do.

The daisies in the late afternoon sun

I showed a view of these daisies last week on the RoseBouquet blog, but then later in the week I discovered that they have another look altogether when I see them with the late afternoon sun shining on them. They do look ever so cheerful, don't they?

I've saved a high resolution, large edition of this photo and must see what I can do with that yet - creatively.

peonies in bloom

Last Tuesday I had a single peony bloom for the blog, but each day there was another flower breaking forth, until there were this many out. This week they are starting to drop petals. It takes about three years to grow a new peony plant from the seed in the dead flower, but now that I've learned that, I'm harvesting the dead flowers for those 4-point seeds, keep them in the fridge over the winter, and plant them in spring. (As I did this year). They say you don't know what kind of flowers will be come out of the new plant until it blooms, but I'm game for such surprises!

day lilies under the tree in the back

Oh yes, i told you about the day lilies I found hanging on a picket fence yesterday. Well, I had to work late at it before I went in for supper and my evening's work, so I forgot to take photos, except for the one I thought of as I was getting into my car this morning. So this is where I planted about 10 of them behind and among the raspberries, and under the big tree behind my house.

I read that they prefer sun, but can tolerate some shade, and I had this one corner left to fill. Otherwise, I've about sown flowers or vegetables in every nook and cranny I could find.

However, if that last bag of lilies is still there when I go home... I may just find more corners to tuck in one more day lily.

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