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2012 - My Garden in May and June

It is 2012, my garden in May and June is shown here in the first of this summer's photo stories. These are quite popular with my friends and followers of the RoseBouquet, so I'm back to squeezing in time for this. I hope you'll enjoy this one.

In May there wasn't much to see yet just after sowing my garden - except for the wind-tumbled tent garage incident! Now in June most of the plants are up and there is some greenery to see. In another month the rows will have filled out and there should be plenty of colour, particularly because this year I sowed mostly flowers in my garden. However, I do have a few florals to show you today.

Just sown, and hoses laid ready in my garden

In the two Saturdays before Victoria Day I got most of my seeds into the garden. Here you see it seeded and with the soaker garden hoses laid out ready.

However, we had some good rains in May and again through most of June, so I have not had to water the garden much at all.

You will notice that this year I have changed the direction of my rows. They go north and south, the length of the garden, instead of cross-wise in short rows towards the fence. It's an experiment, as I decided to plant the taller flowers along the fence, and lower ones beside the walk, with some vegetables in the rows in between.

by the evening of Victoria Day it was done

My neighbours to the west, Joe and Penny, spent the Saturday and Monday of the Victoria Day weekend building a new fence between us. I was asked to pay my share, of course, but they put in all the labour.

my neighbours building a new fence between us

They kept saying that the old one was so rotten, if their dog had the sense to jump against it, the fence will fall over.

This new one is of natural, treated lumber and so sturdy it will outlast all our lives. By the evening of Victoria Day the fence was all done!

my alley lilacs

Although I have a lilac bush close to the house, right at the fence, with Joe and Penny, it has for two years now, only had blooms hanging over on their side of the fence. I only get to enjoy the lilacs in the back alley beside my gate. I see them when I drive in and out of my tent garage.

Some days I've taken time to take photos of them. If/when I have time, I'd like to make posters with them.

My Wind-toss Tent Garage!

wind-tossed tent garage on garden

On the second day of my "Focus Vacation" at home, in some very strong winds and rain, Penny came to my back door to ask me if I had power. She had seen the wind scoop up my tent garage (a gift from them at Christmas) and turned it upside down on my garden, with the frame hooked on a power or phone line into my house!

I called 911 and in minutes there were police officers and firemen in my garden. They had a ladder and unhooked the frame from the phone line, and asked for ropes. I found some in the trunk of my car, and soon they had tied the rocking tent to the fences on both sides of my garden.

boot tracks over my freshly seeded garden

Over the next day or two I went out at noon to check my freshly seeded garden and wondered what to do about all those deep boot prints in the soft, wet soil. I was grateful that the disaster had not been any worse, and that these men had come to help, but I could only wait to see what to do about it.

when the winds died down and the sun came out

Do you spy the little zucchini plants already popping up?

Well, on Thursday the winds died down, and the sun came out, and about 5 pm in the afternoon, Joe came over to help me turn the tent garage right side up again, and move it back where it belongs.

Joe and I tipping it back on its feet

He changed the ropes so they were all strung from the higher side of the bottom frame, and then he and I pulled in unison, to tip its feet back on the ground.

Once it was on its base again, Joe pulled it back to the parking spot, and I pushed as much as I was able.

tent garage pegged down in place.

In no time we had the tent-garage back in its rightful place.

God bless Joe! He'd been pondering on how to prevent this from happening again, so he had got six rebars, each about 6-8 feet long, and had gone to a shop on the farm of friends, where he had bent one end of the rebars so they looked like walking canes. Then he hammered them into the ground at 6 points, so that the curved portion hooked over the bottom of the aluminum frame, pegging the whole tent down firmly to a depth of at least six feet.

Finding the Flowers

tulips at the front door

My tulips were rather late this year. They didn't bloom for Mother's Day, like my Mom's used to, and it was June before they showed up. Unfortunately, I got really sick with a bad cough, even pneumonia, for about ten days, so I wasn't up to taking photos of them when they were at their prime. But I did get this shot just before that.

Oh, how I love that shade of pink!

the lilacs in the alley

Although these lilacs in the alley are not actually on my property, they were doing so well for several weeks, that I was back to take more photos of them. Sometimes I find their scent rather over-powering, so I don't usually cut them to bring inside, but I do love their dainty little floret features, and the various shades of pink and mauve, and sometimes white.

The park I walk though to the office has some lovely lilacs too, but that's another story....

mom's old irises in front

In June more and more flowers start showing up! This past week my irises, which I had transplanted from my parents' home in 2007, were blooming. Both in the front (among the spent tulips), and in the back behind the rain barrel./p>

Not sure why, but the heavy rains we've had for several weeks, seemed to make the flower-heads heavy so they couldn't stay upright. At least the front ones.

Comfrey and mint in front, with the hot pink peony budding

Staying at the front for the moment, on the other side of the sidewalk my comfrey (herb) is rising high and has flowers even though I had spaded off half of it to take to the back yard. The mint, of course, keeps filling everything with greenery and scents the air nicely if you step on one.

You may spy the peony budding up closer against the house. It does fairly well, despite being in the shade most of the time.

I just can't understand what is holding the dasies up. Did I pull too many up when I weeded out the dead growth? Hmm...? Maybe they were waiting for this hot spell that has finally arrived this week!

garden view on Sunday - June 24

Going back to the garden to check it's current state - this is what it looks like as of Sunday, June 24th.

There's no sign of the watermelon I had sown, and the hollyhocks must have been seeded too deeply. I think I saw just one on Saturday. But the rest is showing up nicely.

notice the tomato plants on the east side

As we walk through the garden, notice the tomato plants on the east side. I had sown a whole row there, but the boot prints seem to have made an end to the ones closest to the garage. So I picked up six seedlings from a parking lot nursery last week, and have put them in the gaps. There are three kinds, including one called pineapple, which I've never seen before. Another one has 'tiger' in the name...

The carrots and corn are showing up where I thought they had been trampled too much, so that's good. The marigolds and California poppies alongside the path are doing well too!

on the west side, I'm eating from the spinach row

On the west side, I'm eating already from that spinach row, and the zuchinni and the swiss chard are coming along well, as are the flowers.

It is so much fun to watch the progress of the plants, and I fully expect a lot of colourful flowers in the next month!

small potato patch by shed

I won't take time to point out all my plants, (since this already covers two months), but I should mention that with my purple potatoes having scabs last summer, I decided to do without, and then at the last minute, planted the eyes mostly from the last ones I was preparing to eat. I put in about 12 plants in the flower bed beside the shed. Because of the tent-garage they don't get much sunlight there, but that doesn't seem to stop them!

Those potatoes are already higher than my knees, and full of flowers. I should be able to have fresh potatoes in a few weeks.

garden from rear view - by potatoes

Okay, one last view from the rear, beside the potatoes, and that will be it for this garden tour.

Sometimes there are delays, and weather troubles, but I'm grateful for the provision of this garden. So far no raddishes, but I've been bringing in spinach, onion greens, and chives for my salads.

Wishing you joy in your gardening and all the provisions you need - I'll close this tour until next a month from now.

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