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2012 - My Garden in July

my garden on a rainy day - July 15 All right! Come wander around my little backyard with me. We'll see how it has been doing in July, and especially check for flowers - well veggies too.

First, I'll take you back to how the garden looked on a rainy July 15. You'll soon see how much it has grown in the two weeks since then. We've been blessed with rain showers many nights, so I don't have to worry about even watering regularly.

California poppies by the path in my garden

See, here the red California poppies are blooming beside the path already. (Shortly after the first shot). These are new to my garden. Anne Peters at the office gave me some seeds from her flowers last fall, and I've been looking forward to seeing them.

Do you see the yellow zucchini down in the middle?

Hey, do you notice that yellow zucchini down in the middle of this photo? That was one of the first ones. I've been eating several of them. It is almost my usual supper fare. I planted yellow zucchini on the west side of the path, and green ones on the east side. The green ones are not as plentiful as the yellow ones, but they grow bigger. I cut up a rather large one last Friday and grated it for a chocolate cake so I could make a trifle to take to the ESL potluck supper. (Oops! I forgot to take photos for you!)

the birds turn the sandy soil into bird baths

Over there, just this side of the fridge-planter, I had sown green beans, but somehow the birds in my trees have decided to turn the sandy soil there into bird baths. Yes, really! They beat their wings until the dust flies, and make hollows about the size of a cereal bowl. No beans have come up. Same thing on the west side just south of the raspberries.

I know my friend Gerda would love some close up photos of those birds, never mind that they are just sparrows, but I never have a camera handy when they do that, and usually they stay up in the trees when I'm in the garden.

the garden at the fullest before trimming back

Here is a view of the garden from my back steps when it was at it's fullest - before I trimmed back the runaway, volunteer squash that was climbing over everything else, and had smoothered the cucumbers sown there. When the big leaves start to cover the path I took a garden sheers in hand, and dealt firmly with the growing giant.

front yard looking frizzy and wild

This is a couple of weeks ago, the view of the front yard and house. I feel like I need to apologize for the frizzy, wild look, but I just haven't had enough time to keep weeding everywhere, and my neighbour who mows my lawn was away at camp for a week.

floral circle on front lawn

The floral circle on the front lawn seems to have decided on it's own which flowers from last year would come up again, and which seeds from this year would sprout and grow. My 'design' has sort'a been smudged. Sigh.

the fridge planter filling out

Okay, let's go back to the garden of about a week ago. I notice that the fridge planter is filling out now. I planted some floewrs and a few squash seeds there, and of course, they don't need to be coaxed to grow!

calendula, astragalus, fennel and raspberries

Here I have calendula, an herb of the marigold family which is great for skin conditions, and another one named astragalus (new to me, just trying out this year), and that fern-like, delicate stuff is fennel (which smells of licorice!), and then, my growing hedge of raspberry canes.

I've tasted the ripe raspberries, but there haven't been enough to fill a bowl, so I just pop them into my mouth. Faster evaluation!

the same patch a week or so later.

Here's that same patch a week or so later, and now you can see the calendula blooming.

Hopefully, you can't spot the goat's beard, which I consider a weed and yank out whenever I see them.

Oh, and there's a fine row of onions that didn't make it into the foreground of the photos, right beside the path.

The path more passable after that trim back

Remember I mentioned trimming back the run-away squash? Well, here you can see the path is more passable again, but that hasn't lasted long. This week the path is covered again in places!

raddish flowers

Let's walk over into the east side, near the fence. Ah-ha! there's the raddishes I had sown here, but never got to eat. Sheer neglect or bad timing, but when I last checked them they had nothing but a rootlet. Now they've taken to blooming, and in the rains have laid down on their sides.

But say, aren't they pretty little flowers? In past years I've pressed them to use on greeting cards.

a valiant yellow zinnia fighting for sunlight

Here, on the fence side of the green zucchini, I spy a valiant yellow zinna, fighting with the jumbo zucchini leaves for a bit of sunshine.

It's time to go out there with the sheers and cut off some of those elephant ear leaves; just to be a champion for the flowers.

pink and white lavateria

Just a bit further south we come to where I had sown pink lavateria, however I see some came out white.

By the way, back 1985, when Gr'ma lost her memory and came to live in my parents' house (in my care), I went to her room at the Altenheim to gather up her stuff and found many little muslin bags with seeds. One had a paper label with the German name, "Herbst Rosen" Hmm...? Harvest roses? What would they look like?

So I sowed the seeds, and came up with these flowers. An aunt of Gr'ma's who became my penpal told me that they were called Pink Lovelies, or, she said, "Look in a seed catalogue for the proper English name." Turns out they are Lavateria. I save their seeds every year like Gr'ma did.

looking past corn to lavateria and tomato hedge

Now we are looking between, past the corn (which I thought had been trampled on!) back to the lavateria and the hedge of tomato plants. I had bought three when the men trampled my garden to tie down my tent-garage, and I feared that the sown seeds would not come up. Now they are ALL doing well! I should have tomatoes to give away this fall!

carrots sown where Ithought the corn was trampled

Glancing down at our feet we see the two rows of carrots that I sowed there in front of the tent-garage, when I was sure the corn would not come up. Oddly enough, the row that is often under the tent wall as the breezes play with it, has shorter green tops. I'm not sure if that means the carrots will be smaller. We'll see...

back on the path looking over the tomatoes

We're back on the path and looking over the marigolds and California poppies on both sides, with the poppies leaning down on the path.

Beyond, on the east side is the row/hedge of thriving, and blooming tomato plants!

The giant zucchini leaves are acting as protective big brothers - well, maybe I better keep an eye on them so they don't get too bossy!

broccoli and white lavateria on west

Let's go around the back on the west side now. In the fore-ground we see my broccoli, and I'm waiting for the heads to appear. Down to the right - hard to see in the shade, is a fine row of lettuce that I've been enjoying.

Just beyond that to our left is a row of white lavateria that I sowed there.

pink zinnia,dill, etc.

From closer to the fence we can step behind a single pink zinnia (others nearby will be blooming soon), and volunteer dill, and the yellow zucchini... etc.

By the way, I like to freeze the dill for soups. I should harvest that soon too, before it gets too tough.

the pink zinnia and lacy dill close up

Look! Here's a close up of the pink zinnia and the lacy dill. Ah... I rather like that!

closeup of white lavateria

And here is a close up of the white lavateria.

(I guess you can tell, I'm a soft-touch for flowers, eh? And this year I deliberately sowed more flowers than usual).

two hollyhocks are up!

Jim and Elsie in the UK sent me seeds from their prize hollyhocks, but I've had no luck in getting them started the last few summers. This year, I'm happy to point to two of them, right there by the fence! If I can keep them from being tilled up next spring, they should be a riot of colour.

I just can't recall which I sowed where in that row. I remember doing some apricot and some black hollyhocks, and I thought there was a blend of pink and yellows too. So I'm looking forward to seeing what i have here!

just another look at those jumbo zucchini leaves

Just another quick look at those jumbo zucchini leaves; they must be two feet across!

While all the rains we've been having are may be responsible for the larger leaves, they have also caused some of the yellow zucchini to rot at one end. Sometimes I have to cut off a bad end, and just get the rest for my supper.

spy the red raspberries?

Do you spy the red raspberries there?

Yum!! Meantime, on Sunday night when I picked up Anna Fehr in Warman to take her along to Waldheim, she insisted on giving me a nice big margarine tub full of raspberries from her garden. I pigged out on them as soon as I got home.

Then, last night she insisted on giving me some strawberries she has purchased.

Oh, I'm so blessed, up and down, left and right, in so many ways. On my birthday and every day of the year!

I've been working on a Psalm of Praise... but it's not ready just yet. Maybe I'll remember to come put a link to it here when it is. (I give you permission to remind me if you see it is not here after a while).

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