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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

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Come See My July Garden in the Rain

flowers in crocks started

Let's take our July walk about to inspect my garden in the rain. This time we'll check the front yard first. On the steps you'll notice I have the crocks started with flowers. A late start in fact, as it often seemed too wet to work outside, but I put a few end of the seaon petunias in them. I've sown some seeds, and put in some impatiens (which I had forgotten about for a few days, and then hurried to plant them here and there before they died). The container at the bottom was a gift from a friend.

another impatiens under the drain by front steps

To the left at the bottom of the steps you will notice another impatiens tucked under the drain pipe, a thriving comfrey plant, and the hot pink peoney is beginning to bloom.

(Incidentally, I had to take these photos last evening in the rain. So everything will look wet!)

This is a week ago when the irises were blooming To the right you see the irises (taken about a week ago), which were blooming where the tulips were a month ago. These irises are the ones I transplanted from Mom's old east flowerbed when I moved here.

comfrey, peony, daisies and mint
Another glance to the left, where my flowerbed is full of the comfrey, peony, daisies and mint, making everything look lush and lovely!

Now, while we transition around to the back of the house, let me explain; We have had fairly frequent and plentiful rains since about the middle of May. This is unusual for us in the Canadian prairies! Many farmers have their fields under huge puddles of water, ditches and dugouts are full, and in some areas people have had their basements flooded. However, - my garden and yard is very sandy soil. This is a blessing I had not imagined when I first came. Last summer I had to personally water the garden almost every day after working at the office. So far I've only done it two or three times!

back door or steps view of whole backyard

This is the view of my whole backyard from the back door or steps. (Do you want to go back to last month's photo story to see the tremendous changes?) What a difference four weeks and a lot of rain can make, eh?

3 tomato plants, 3 rows of potatoes and the zucchini

This is the east side of the path with three tomato plants that I bought at the MCC sale, then three rows of potatoes and both yellow and green zucchini rows. All are blooming and thriving!

I had bought a rose bush too, but it seems to have drowned and died. (sigh)!

my old fridge planter is greening up nicelyMy old fridge planter is greening up nicely. I sowed tomatoes, and flowers in there. Also, because some squash plants came up in a thick patch where I planted the potatoes on the west side, I pulled some up and put them in this fridge. So... in another month I expect it to be overflowing with greenery - and hopefully some flowers too!

west side garden - mostly potatoes

Okay, on the west side of the path we have this other garden. The one that has received compost for three years already. Last year my sister Elsie advised that I plant the potatoes in a different area of the garden, so this year they are mostly here and under the big tree. I had a little difficulty finding purple potatoes, but my friend Anna got me some from her sister-in-law, and I planted 61 chucks of those spuds. Now they are blooming, so I should be able to poke and dig soon under them and eat fresh, NEW potatoes!

another couple of impatiens hiding by the rain gaugeAs we move a bit further we see the rain gauge with a couple more impatiens tucked around them. Looking pretty perky in the rain, I might add.

Yesterday there was nearly an inch in the guage. The other weekend the whole guage was FULL of rain! I have no idea how much we've received, but my sandy soil just slurps it all up.

blooming potatoes and the yellow daisies under the tree If we glance back towards the tree on the west side, we see the big potato plants with their blossoms, and near the fence there, the painted yellow daisies are beginning to bloom. They always take about two years to get established, but then they tend to take over. So that area will become more yellow with time.

Between the potato plants are volunteer calendula coming up. The leaves make a great skin ointment. I think I'll have enough this fall to start making batches of that ointment again!

corn and red swiss chard by carGlancing to the left or east side again, we see a row of corn and red swiss chard, (which I think is smaller than the white chard on the other side because of the shadow the car casts over it).

Just a bit back from the corn is a space of two rows where what I had sowed did not come up, so last week I sowed flowers there.

further on the west side we see red onions...

Back to the west side, we spy some red onions, white swiss chard, cabbages and spinach. There's a row of shy cucumbers under the agressive squash and potatoes. I hope they come out of hiding and produce too this summer.

here between the sidewalk and the shed I've sown some flowers

Here between the sidewalk and the shed I've sown some flowers. There are marigolds, and back nearer the shed are morning glories and sweet peas which I hope will climb all over the shed and cover it.

gift of gravel - from whom?

Hey, notice this gravel?

I don't know where it came from, but one day almost four weeks ago, I came home to find a heap of gravel in this spot. My gate was locked, so I don't know how it got there, but I opened the gate, got my rake and spread it out gratefully. It keeps down the grass and weeds where I park. I've been trying to keep them down by pulling them up by hand, but that's getting hard. So yesterday I bought an electric weed trimmer.

I've checked with the neighbours on both sides and they claim to know nothing about this. So, if you gave the gravel - thank you very much!

morning glories and sweet peas ready to climb the fenceCome step around to this side of the car. See that row of plants beside the fence? That's morning glories and sweet peas. By next month that fence should be covered in flowers. Assuming the neighbours on that side don't mind.... :)

Are you finding this too much?

Two American Elms like giant guardian angels over my garden and house

Oh look up! See how those two tall American Elms stand like giant guardian angels over my house and gardens? Some people say they are just weeds, but I'm glad for those trees.

Let's just go look at the overflowing rain barrels and we'll be done. They are between the trees and the house.

here is the blue barrel over-flowing many times and of course the rhubarb plant right there is benefiting!

Here is the blue barrel over-flowing many times and of course, the rhubarb plant right there is benefiting! As are the irises further along the fence. (Different patch than the ones in the front).

another smaller white barrel under the lilacs, also overflowering

I have another white barrel under the lilac bush, and the big tree,, that is also over-flowing constantly. At least the water is running over towards the garden and not towards the house. Although, yes, I think some has seeped into my basement. Not as much as before I had these eavestroughs and barrels set up!

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Compare to start of this garden in May and June
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