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My May-June Garden in 2010

Joe tilling my garden for me on May 8th

It's time to watch the miracle of growth in my garden again. We've had a lot of rains this spring, so it is easy to imagine that the garden will be lush and rich with foods to eat this year.

Here my neighbour, Joe, has borrowed a rotor tiller so he can work through my garden for me. What a kind and thoughtful deed! I'm blessed with exceptional neighbours!

I got all my veggies seeded into the garden before the long weekend and the rains.

I was glad to get my vegetable seeds in before the Victoria Day weekend, when I went away to an anniversary. That was just in time before some good soaker days of rain came.

When I returned I got a Saturday with some sunshine, so I planted 61 chunks of purple potatoes. They are starting to come up now too.

Since the soil here is very sandy, I normally have to water if two days pass without rain. Fortunately, there have been more days of rain each week, and I have not had to water except for the first few days after I sowed the garden on May 15th.

my pink tulips finally coming up!

(I thought I was taking lots of photos, but I discovered today that I have none in the last week or so of the rows of green plants coming up in the garden. I guess I focused on taking shots of my lovely pink tulips in front instead).

Mom's tulips usually were in bloom by Mother's Day. I had only green leaves at that point, and was getting worried because I had planted lots of pink tulips the last two falls, plus some narcissus and daffodils. No sign of the latter two yet, but I've been watching the progress of my lovely tulips.

here they are beginning to open up in late May

It may be that these tulips don't get much afternoon sun, just in the morning, and of course, with all the rainy days we've had in May and so far in June, they may be waiting for the sunny days as much as any of us.

Finally, we had a sunny day or two in the beginning of June.

Finally a sunny day in June

This past Saturday I was focused on sowing more flower seeds, and transplanting my baby tomato plants into the ol' fridge on its back by the fence. They were almost rinsed out of their pots by the rains!

I already have morning glories coming up out of the ground by the white fence, and I sowed some bronze-red French marigolds alongside the path. (Yes, I should have done that weeks ago, but I'm limited for time).

see the rhubarb plant beside the rain barrel?

Of course, my strawberry red rhubarb plant beside the overflowing blue rain barrel is lapping up the rains eagerly. It is growing into a sturdy and handsome plant.

Finally, this last weekend, we had sunshine on both Saturday (plus a shower) and on Sunday. Yesterday and today the clouds are sobbing again.

my tulips in the bright Sunday afternoon sun

I was busy with a guest, but stopped to take this photo on Sunday afternoon.

Around the corner of the front porch is a little nook of lilies of the valley.

Lily of the Valley withtheir tiny bells in the porch nook

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