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You will probably be surprised at the changes in my garden, if you remember or have just visited last month's photo story. I have been astonished myself at how my garden has slurped up all the rains we've had through most of July. It's just in the last week or two that we've had a number of sunny days in a row. Even then there have been showers almost daily.

That suits me fine, as I've been too busy for the watering shift. I've been quite grateful to the Lord for taking responsibility for that!

garden was waist high about mid-July

By about mid-July my potato plants and corn and everything was at least waist high, and the potatoes had lovely clusters of mauve flowers above each one. (I thought I had taken photos of that, but just now cannot find them). The spagghetti squash seeds I had buried in spring as compost came up and started to waltz all over the potatoes and other plants!

the path starting to grow over

Then the path began to grow over as the squash vines, even though I had not sown any, began to take over the garden.

I had saved a lot of marigold seeds from last year, but didn't get them started until well after the vegetables were sown. However, they have been catching up remarkably well. They do add a cheery golden touch to the garden scenes, don't they?

Now the path is nearly grown over. I hop and skip over the plants.

Now the path is so far grown over that even though I toss some of the squash vines back, I often have to hop and skip over the plants to get to the car and back.

I've even stepped on some small green squash. Such abundance!

this is the east garden looking towards the car - can you see it?

This is the east garden looking south towards the car. Can you see it? There's tomatoes in the foreground, then potatoes (3 rows) and then corn.

Incidentally, the birds like that dirt this side of the three big tomato plants for their bird baths. Go figure, eh?

tomatoes nearly ripe beside the path

Speaking of the tomatoes, notice that these near the path are heavy enough to lie down on the ground and are getting quite light green. They should be ripe soon!

The next plant over has cherry or grape tomatoes. they will be ripening any day now too.

corn as high as my eyes

Come see the corn next. The other day last week, Penny, my neighbour, came home with me from the office and I asked her to take this picture to see if the corn was "as high as an elephant's eye" to quote some song.

What do you think? Do the leaves, if I lift them up, come as high as my eyes?

morning glories by the fence

Shall we go closer to look at the morning glories by the fence?

True to their name, they have lovely wide open blooms in the morning, but when the late afternoon sun shines on them, they curl their pink petals inward like tightly pursed lips.

another spot sheltered by the neighbour's garage

At another spot sheltered by the neighbour's garage.

I've always liked morning glories, (even the name), and am rather pleased with how they are climbing up the fence.

(So far, the neighbours have not complained either!)

Morning glories mixed with some mystery white flowers.

Here at this spot they are mixed with some white flowers that just come up like weeds. I did not plant them, but they do me no harm, so... they can stay.

I had sown some sweet peas along with the morning glories, but the few plants that have come up somehow are not as agressive about climbing the fence.

morning glories by the sidewalk

I don't know how these got here unless I accidently spilled some seeds). But here there are some morning glories growing right beside the sidewalk/path, right in the blazing sun. Hmm!

Do you know how much self-seeding they do? Maybe they will be coming up everywhere next year!

fridge planter with squash and tomatoes and flowers

See the fridge planter over there? It has overflowed with green growth again this summer. This time I transplanted some of the squash crowding my potatoes on the west side, (and then a week ago pulled up 3 or 4 of them and planted them on my front lawn under some elm trees). I also sowed my own saved tomato seeds there, and some flowers.

the Kaiser Kronen lilies of Mom's that I had brought from Hague

Backed up against the wall of the back porch I see my Kaiser Kronen (Emperor's Crowns) lilies - which I had dug up and brought along from my parents' house in Hague - and they seem be well established now and about to bloom this week.

There are some at the front of the house too.

fresh potatoes - first flush with fork

I had dug up one potato plant about two weeks ago and had one handful with five tiny baby potatoes, so I held off until yesterday. Then I dug up two plants and this is the first flush when I put in the fork to dig.

Naturally, I'm thorough, so I did several digs at that spot and came up with more.

half an ice cream pail of potatoes from 2 plants

By the time I had sifted through the soil under two plants I had half an ice cream pail of fresh potatoes.

Sorry, I didn't pause to take another shot until I had them inside and was about ready to put them in a pot to cook.

Fresh potatoes are so delicious, whether eaten hot or cold with just a smear of butter or maybe mayo on each slice, right?

And yes, those are purple potatoes. Dad and I grew very fond of them!

flowers on my front steps

Okay, it was time for me to leave for the office this morning, so as I'm going out the front door, let's look at the flowers there.

Here you see the petunias and impatiens in the stone crocks, and the extra full one is the Birthday gift from Kathy that she dropped off nearly a month ago.

see the comfrey (herb) right by the rain spout? It has huge hairy leaves which are good for any skin condition

See the comfrey (herb) right by the rain spout? It has huge hairy leaves which are good for any skinnn condition. (Can be made into a tea or ointment).

The small impatiens plant below it is managing to survive too. (The two in the back garden aren't doing so well).

front porch corner, with mint and more KaiserKronen lilies

Glancing over to that corner beside the front porch we see the mint is profuse - I should harvest a batch soon - and the Kaiser Kronen lilies are budding and ready to bloom this week too.

There's plenty of weeds in these flower beds as well, but I am not getting to that as often as I should.

backward glance at front path and yard as I head to work

We take a backward glance at the front path and yard as I head off to walk to the office, trundling my backpack with wheels beside me.

See you again at the beginning of September? That should be a harvest story I think. . . .

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