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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

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My Gardens in Early September as Harvest Begins

It's time for another monthly photo tour of my gardens. If you check the other pages for June, and July, and in August you will see the changes over the summer. But now it is shifting to harvest time, and if i do a photo story at the beginning of October it will be back to a bleak winter look once more.

I painted the back deck/steps on Saturday
I've been trying to squeeze in some outdoor work projects to fix up the place the yard, and this last Saturday I tackled the painting of the back steps or deck with the fence paint from last summer, when I painted the back gate.

I also painted the side gate at the front of the house and on the fence until out of paint
There was still paint left, so I painted the side gate and the fence on the west side until my pail of paint was empty. I do have one more pail of that paint, but by that point I knew I'd used up all my adrenalin for the next two days! Time to quit.

Now let's turn our attention to the backyard gardens. We'll begin at the back or south end.

morning glories starting to climb up side of shed
I started these morning glories rather late, but I had no mower to cut the grass so I decided to dig up that area and turn it into a flowerbed. They will have flowers soon!

this is the overview of the garden as of last night, August 31.
This is the overview of the garden as of last night, August 31, and just before I got busy and chopped a whole bunch of pumpkin leaves off to let the sun get at the pumpkins and zucchini better. It works for the tomatoes, so let's see if it improves growth in the fruit here too.

overview from behind the tomatoes ripening on the vines
Here's an overview from behind the tomatoes, which are ripening on the vine. I'm having my second and third red tomatoes for lunch today! This is wonderful because in the past my tomatoes often did not have time to ripen before the first frosts and I had to ripen them indoors.

aren't these tomatoes lovely?
Aren't these tomatoes lovely? Those red ones came with me for lunch today. Yumm!

see the spagghetti squash hiding there by the marigolds?
See the spagghetti squash hiding there by the marigolds?

here's another view of the overgrown path
Here's another view of the overgrown path - I've had to hop and jump over plants to get to the car.

two rows of tall swiss chard, (rhubarb type, and Fordhook type)
Two rows of tall swiss chard, (rhubarb type, and Fordhook type). I've been eating them like spinach. Tossed in a skillet with some garlic, onion and mushrooms. Great!

Here's a dried up potato plant - ready to be dug up - see later
Here's a dried up potato plant - ready to be dug up. But I do that as I need them, as I think it is too early to start storing them yet. You'll see some further down.

my fridge planter with zucchini going under fence to neighbours!
My fridge planter with zucchini going under fence to neighbours! There's a big jumbo one hiding in there!

a zucchini in hiding - the one in the fridge? not sure.
A zucchini in hiding - the one in the fridge? Not sure... could be.

one raspberry plant has berries this year - I snack on them 3-7 a night
One raspberry plant with berries. I snack on them each evening - about 3 - 7 a night. Well, there were 22 one night. Of the seven plants I brought over from Dad's only 3 are alive.

my calendula for making ointments
My calendula for making ointments. Not very many yet this year, but more than last summer. Calendula are a type of marigolds, but herbs that are excellent for skin problems.

volunteer sunflower - not sure how it got seeded
Volunteer sunflower - not sure how it got seeded.

pansies and herbs and impatiens on foton frame by door.
The pansies and herbs and impatiens on foton frame by the door.

Okay, it was getting rather dark by then, so I stopped to chop off the leaves off the pumpkins, especially on the west side, and came back this morning for more photos when there was better daylight.

see theleaves drying off at this end now, and more male flowers visible
Do you see the cut leaves drying on the ground in the left front area? There are more male flowers visble this morning and I didn't take time to check for them all, but I believe a lot more pumpkins and zucchini were open to the sun. Hopefully that will speed up their growth and ripening before the frosts come. There are more than I can count!

spot that little pumkin?
Do you spot that little pumpkin? Last week they were golf ball size. They've grown and I'm hoping for them to get much larger yet. If we have a long warm fall.

I dug up some carrots for my lunch today
I dug up some carrots for my lunch today.

This is one of the two dried potato plants I turned over this morning with a fork
This is one of the two dried potato plants I turned up with a fork this morning.

Here's my harvest this morning, potatoes, carrots and 2 tomatoes
Here's my harvest this morning - potatoes, carrots, and 2 tomatoes.

one more look at the male flowers in bloom this morning
One more look at the male flowers in bloom this morning. The female flowers always stay closer to the ground, deep under the leaves.

Let's take a quick look at the front flower beds as I head out to the office this morning;

front of the house with flower beds, and right at the very front a sick tree
Front of my house with flower beds in their present state, and right at the very front a sick tree. I think it is an elm and it is oozing brown stuff from the main trunk and from a higher branch. It's probably going to have to go.

pansies close up in the bed by the sidewalk to house - also summer savory
A close up of some pansies in the bed by the sidewalk to my door, and also some summer savory. Yes, I put the oddest things in my flower beds.

Kaiser Kronen or Emperor's Crowns (lilies from Mom's) near the side gate
Two Kaiser Kronen, or Emperor's Crowns (Lilies from Mom's) still growing near the side gate. There have been more recently.

Oh, and the luscious green mint in the front. I've done one good harvest already to dry for teas. I hope to pick some more.

Okay, there's a full tour. I've got to dash on to other things, but I hope you've enjoyed this. :)

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